Simply Stretch LA offers personalised Fascial Stretch Healing which helps people restore natural movement and revitalise their bodies. Although a fairly new phenomenon, these methods are becoming well-recognised and so is Lindsay’s business.

Customer of the Week: Simply Stretch LA

As an Occupational Therapist, Personal Trainer and Crossfit Coach, Lindsay saw a huge gap in the market for mobility coaching. She knew more could be done to help people with injury prevention, rehabilitation and sports performance. So, she took it upon herself to find the answer.

After months of research, Lindsay discovered Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST).

FST is an advanced form of manual-assisted stretching that increases mobility to reduce restrictions and pain which can inhibit sports performance, speed and strength. Lindsay knew this was her answer and decided to study FST in Arizona.

“After my first day of training (which included not only me stretching others, but also being stretched as well), I went to the local CrossFit gym & PR’d my jerk by 20lbs!”

Through her own personal growth and the benefits that she’d experienced, Lindsay knew she’d found a winning formula — a method that would benefit her own well-being and her clients’.

Customer of the Week: Simply Stretch LA

The exciting part about Lindsay’s work is that she’s one of the few people practising FST throughout the world.

“After the course, I immediately started offering FST sessions out of my husband’s Physical Therapy clinic and my services spread like wildfire.”

After much reassurance from her clients that FST was a hit, Simply Stretch LA was born. Lindsay was ready to pursue this form of therapy and share her skills more widely.

Lindsay’s business has grown from strength to strength. She has just hired her first staff member to cater to the demand and she is not stopping there, on the hunt for another team member with the escalating demand. Lindsay’s personal is booking out weeks in advance! As an Occupational Therapist, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Graston Technique Provider & Personal Trainer, Lindsay is across the board. Her networks and skills have been vital to the success of the business.

Lindsay has just become a Lululemon ambassador, which will provide more amazing opportunities for collaboration, business building and community outreach events!

The gluteus maximus (also known collectively with the gluteus medius and minimus, as the gluteal muscles, or the “glutes”) is the main extensor muscle of the hip. It is the largest and most superficial of the three gluteal muscles. . Its most powerful action is to cause the body to regain the erect position after stooping, by drawing the pelvis backward, being assisted in this action by the muscles that make up the hamstrings. . . This sweet move targets the glute max, which also gets notoriously tight as a result of modern day lifestyles (sit at a desk anyone?) . #knowledgeispower ? . . . . . . . #simplystretchLA #FST #fascialstretchtherapy @lululemon @lululemonla #lululemonsantamonica #fascia #mobility #stretch #flexibility #posture #massage #yoga #crossfit #pilates #bodybuilding #runner #cycling #health #healthy #healthylife #venice #santamonica #socal #california #instahealth #fit #fitness #instagood #instarunners #exercise

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Lindsay and her partner Steve are the ultimate power couple. Not only do they both keep fit and healthy but they’re out there improving the health of others. The pair are passionate about giving back to the community and enhancing their clients’ health, fitness and quality of life.

Lindsay is doing a whole lot of good in her community. She helps people overcome physical plateaus, eases aches and pains and just makes people feel good! She’s enabling her clients to get back to doing the things they love.

Customer of the Week: Simply Stretch LA

If you’re looking for stretching tips, or some inspiration to keep mobile, check out Simply Stretch LA’s wonderful Instagram account.