The philosophy they live by at Shear Hustle is “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Their goal is to offer clients the kind of service and style that they would expect for themselves.

Customer of the Week: Shear Hustle

“We want people coming in inspired and leaving happy. A place that anyone can walk into and not feel judged.”

Shear Hustle is an appointment based luxury barber shop that promotes creativity and comfort. They take pride in giving their clients tailored haircuts with the best service possible. It’s about quality over quantity; they have time for their clients and they don’t try to rush them out the door.

“Many barbershops are in and out, 15-minute, haircuts and we didn’t want any part of that.”

Starting with an old pizza joint in Barrie, Taylor and Gregory had to do some major renovations to create the sophisticated yet relaxed vibe that you witness today. After a year of hard work and crafty refitting, the couple were ready to launch.

Although no longer a pizza shop, Shear Hustle has become a communal space to hang out with friends, much like the restaurant it used to be. Many clients book in groups and schedule their appointments to run back to back, making an afternoon of it.

Customer of the Week: Shear Hustle

“It’s a good time. I’m proud to say our business is somewhere you can get an awesome haircut and chill with your friends while you’re waiting.”

The atmosphere at Shear Hustle is unique and they admit that they do things a little differently.

“From our decor to the music that we play, it’s clear that we aren’t your average barbershop.”

Concentrating on what the pair thought was missing in the industry was a great way to gauge how they wanted to structure their business model, and listening to their clients’ needs is what separates them from the rest.

Shear Hustle attracts a huge variety of clients which Taylor and Gregory love. They believe that the diversity of their clientele demonstrates how men’s fashion is changing in Canada and in the modern world. Taylor and Gregory are even cutting high-school kids’ hair over the lunch hour, which is a huge contrast to how male grooming was understood when they were in high school.

“When I was in high school, boys were almost embarrassed to get their hair cut — and the result was usually terrible.”

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“The world of men’s fashion is changing and we’re here leading the way.”

The pair admit that owning your own business has a unique set of perks and downfalls but for Taylor and Gregory, knowing that people are happy with their service is the greatest reward.

“Clients’ happiness makes any stresses of being a business owner worth it. It’s been a crazy, awesome ride.”