Salon de elephant is a place for inner-city residents to escape. Offering more than just a haircut, the salon is a space where clients can recharge and feel good. Meet our Customer of the Week: Salon de elephant. 

Customer of the Week: Salon de elephant

When opening her business, Karen Chan had one goal in mind — to create and cultivate a healthy learning environment for hair artists who love to make people happy by showing their love of hair crafting.

Salon de elephant is more than just a salon, it’s an experience.

Customer of the Week: Salon de elephant

The salon opened in 2010, and in 7 years they’re grown from a team of 3 to 11. It’s their 11 strong team that Karen believes has been key to their success.

“We can get to choose the people who share similar values and visions as we do.”

Karen believes business to be like modelling clay, “you can sculpt your business model to be whatever you want it to be”.

For Karen and her team, success has always been dependant on how they deal with failure.

“We implement plenty of interesting ideas into our business. Whether they work or not, it’s always a great experience and experiment.”

The beauty industry is highly competitive with new salons popping up every week. To stay ahead of the game, the team work hard to consistently refine their services and skills so they can offer a beautiful and unparalleled experience for their customers.

Customer of the Week: Salon de elephant

The salon has a vision to do their best in all aspects of their work, and it’s Karen’s job to inspire her team to share this vision and purpose.

“Your team is who can grow with you and make your vision come true.”

Salon de elephant hope that their clients can leave their salon with confidence. Hairdressing is a holistic service. No longer can it solely be understood as just a trade. Clients leave Salon de elephant recharged and full of confidence, happy inside and out.

Karen and her team are able to offer their clients an injection of spirit, one that fuels and energises them to do their best work.