The hairdressing industry has always given Ryan Reed endless inspiration and energy. After working in London as a hairdresser, Ryan returned to his hometown of Brisbane armed with fresh concepts and skills. Meet our latest Customer of the Week: RYAN.CO Barbershop and Supplies.

Customer of the Week: RYAN CO. Barbershop + Supplies

Ryan has been involved in the hair and fashion industries for over ten years. In that time he has met a stack of creative, talented, and successful people who’ve fuelled his fire.

Throughout his seniors years at high school, Ryan began working at a local hair salon as a school-based apprentice.

The contrast from the schoolyard to the real world instantly resonated with Ryan. This experience opened his eyes to the endless career possibilities and opportunities that weren’t entirely encouraged throughout his school years.

“Since high school, I’d been chipping away at the dream of one day starting a business.”

After traveling to Europe and working as a stylist, Ryan returned home armed with new skills and a heightened spirit. He was ready to share his new-found enthusiasm for the industry with his community.

RYAN.CO Barbershop and Supplies was born.

The neighbourhood barbershop operates alongside Wsworkshop, a Brisbane based fashion brand that designs and manufactures menswear clothing and lifestyle products.

Customer of the Week: RYAN CO. Barbershop + Supplies

The partnership between the businesses creates the ultimate experience — an emporium for fashion, design, hair, homewares, and lifestyle products. Not only can men receive the very best cuts, shaves and beard trims in Brisbane, but they can also immerse themselves in other luxuries. This collaboration creates a unique and comprehensive experience for the modern man.

“The world of men’s fashion is changing and we’re leading the way.”

At this stage it’s just Ryan cutting on the floor, but as the brand continues to develop he will be looking to recruit another team member in the coming months.

Although an experienced stylist, Ryan admits he’s new to the business world. In the short time he’s been operating, he’s experienced the challenges and rewards that come with business ownership.

Success means different things for every business owner. For Ryan, it’s about building a community of loyal followers and friends. Being a barber gives Ryan life and it’s the interpersonal element of the industry that he loves the most.

“Meeting new people every day and getting to know them on a friendship level is something pretty special.”

Customer of the Week: RYAN CO. Barbershop + Supplies

These loyal followers are growing, and Ryan puts that down to consistency.

“I have always been passionate about making people look and feel good. If you cut someone’s hair well and consistently give good service, they will always come back. It’s a pretty simple formula.”

RYAN.CO Barbershop and Supplies is Ryan’s take on where he would love to spend time getting a haircut — a bespoke studio, kitted out with quality menswear and fragrances.

“It’s the beginning of a long and exciting road.”