As a trained nurse, Anita Turner was becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of regulations surrounding cosmetic laser treatments in Australia. With some solid research and training, plus a leap of faith, Gippsland Cosmetic Laser opened its doors in 2013.

Customer of the Week: Gippsland Cosmetic Laser

After receiving laser treatments herself in 2012, Anita was shocked to discover how few regulations there were controlling the laser industry in Victoria. In response to this, she decided to pair her years of experience as a nurse with cosmetic laser and light therapies. This is where her new business was born.

Marrying healthcare with the cosmetic, Gippsland Cosmetic Laser aims to provide the highest level of care to their clients with a model more aligned to the healthcare system than the beauty industry. All staff at the clinics are Registered Nurses, with further education in laser and light therapies as well as cosmetic nursing — giving the clinics a professional edge.

Although she found her nursing role to be extremely satisfying, Anita has found excitement in being able to develop and grow something from the ground up.

I wanted a business that was highly ethical, extremely focused on the client experience but also a caring and supportive place to work.

Anita loves being able to offer nurses an alternative work environment, where their caring personalities, training and smarts are still highly valued.

At Gippsland Cosmetic Laser Clinic, clients come first.

Timely has made it easy for Anita to manage her bookings and appointment reminders. She, and her staff, use the saved time to continue ensuring that their clients are happy and cared for.

Anita can now easily keep track of how the two clinics are performing. In the past, she relied on manual reports to track bookings. With Timely she is saving time and energy, and sailing through her monthly reporting with ease. She particularly loves how easy it is to manage the rooms, staff and resources at both locations.

Timely makes it really easy to keep track of what’s happening at any given moment.

Customer of the Week: Gippsland Cosmetic Laser

For Anita, the success of her business comes down to passion.

If you’re passionate, and willing to put in 110%, people will appreciate your attention to detail and thoroughness.

This approach has clearly worked for Anita and her team. Their trophy shelf is becoming increasingly cramped, as the company is recognised with multiple business awards across Australia.

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But Anita’s methods for success are no secret – in fact, she says focusing on it is a trap.

Just do what you love, pour all your energy and creativity into it and success will find you.

We love your attitude, Anita, and we’re excited to watch you continue to grow your business!