Built in an industrial area of Brisbane, Veronica has transformed a warehouse into a browspace. Filled with greenery, graffiti, and polished concrete floors, Brow Lust offers a unique experience. One that is highly sought-after amongst its customers.

Customer of the Week: Brow Lust

Veronica has embraced the open and spacious warehouse premises, creating a business like no other. Rather than having closed off, stuffy rooms, the business has an open atmosphere, more like a hair salon. This spacious layout allows staff and clients to feed off one another’s energy, rather than being isolated in small rooms each day. This energy is what sets Brow Lust apart from the rest.

“It’s a unique experience unlike anywhere you’ve ever been.”

Customer of the Week: Brow Lust

Veronica stumbled into the hair and beauty industries somewhat by chance. She was 15 years old, incredibly creative and wanted an ‘easy way out of school’ — so she began a beauty apprenticeship.

After working and training at various beauty therapy spaces, Veronica was ready to challenge the industry and do things how she saw fit. Although she was ready to do things her own way, she’s forever grateful for what she learnt from her past leaders.

“I am so grateful I followed through because every salon I worked in has played a role in how I run my business now.”

Brow Lust is just as much about education, as it is about speciality services. The business specialises in unique and precise brow shaping. All staff members are trained by Veronica so that services remain consistent. Staff measure client’s brow shape to specifically suit their face shape. With precision waxing to get clean and precise brow lines, the staff will then show clients how to fill their brows.

Veronica has created and designed Lust Cosmetics Brow Powder to ensure clients are able to access the best possible powder to add where hair is lacking, or simply to define full brows.


At 25, Veronica has a team of 5 staff and an absolutely humming business.

The best piece of business advice that she can give forward came from her dad — “look after your staff.” Not only does Veronica believe this is vital for business success, but she believes it’s one of the most satisfying parts of being a boss.

“I just surprised my staff with a 4 day trip to Hamilton Island for their Christmas present. Seeing the look on their faces and their buzzing energy afterwards is truly the greatest part of having this business!”

Veronica and her team work solely to please their clients. They want to get to know clients on a personal level, so they can trust their therapist like they would a friend.

“Client experience is just as important as the service itself.”

Customer of the Week: Brow Lust

Veronica admits that running a business can be tough. “Starting a business will be the most amazing and stressful adventure you will have.” However, she believes if you follow your heart, it’s worth the hard work.

Veronica has found an amazing amount of support from the business community in Brisbane who she can turn to for inspiration or advice.

“Ask for help when you need it. I have an amazing group of fellow business babes that I can turn to at any time.”

With many strings her to bow, Veronica’s next adventure is a training academy for those who are interested in starting their own brow business, or for those looking to upskill. Since opening Brow Lust, Veronica became aware that Australia only offered very basic brow training, and there were a lack of courses for those seeking skills in elite brow sculpting. The Brow Academy was Veronica’s answer, and she’s excited to begin sharing her knowledge with the wider beauty community.

With full books and an ever-growing cosmetic line, Veronica Filo has found an outlet for her creativity and dissatisfaction for ‘the norm.’ Brow Lust does things a little differently, and this is what creates a business with distinction.