Theo Dimitri is a hairdresser with wings – travelling the globe to style tresses at a range of high-profile international fashion weeks and events. But, he’s a long way from home. The journey has been one of twists and turns, but this Brisbane hairdresser is finally finding his perfect work-life balance – one where he can call the world his office while continuing to work with the clients he thinks of as family.

A high-flying hairstylist

Theo comes from a long line of hairdressers. His aunties, uncles, cousins and even his godfather were in the industry. Born with the gift of the gab, and an eagerness to please others, hairdressing seemed like a no-brainer.

At 16, he began working after school and weekends at a local salon in his hometown of Toowoomba, Australia.

The start of a journey

As soon as he graduated from high school, Theo was hired as a full-time salon apprentice.

Theo credits his early successes to his small Australian hometown. He was encouraged to be hands-on early, instead of just shadowing senior hairdressers as he might have in a larger city. The early experience hooked him.

“Being allowed to be in there and doing it made me really fall in love with hairdressing.”

After a trip to “the big smoke” of Brisbane for a hair competition, Theo realised how large the salon industry was, and how many places it could take him – and Theo knew this is where he wanted to be. “All of the hairdressers in the city were fancy. I wanted to be those people. I wanted to create expensive and beautiful hair.”

At 17, he volunteered his holidays to gain work experience at a Brisbane salon that’d caught his eye.

They offered him a full-time job.

Working in Brisbane opened many doors for Theo. He began entering and winning more competitions and started to get a taste for high-end fashion styling.

Unearthing his passions

For Theo, hair is an art form – and this mentality is prevalent in his work. Whether he is creating a piece of art for the catwalk, or cutting and colouring for one his regulars, he always puts his everything into it.

A high-flying hairstylist

“I believe in quality over quantity. I would rather create one very beautiful job than three rushed ones.”

Theo combined his skills, and his take of the industry, and opened his own business.

Theo Dimitri wasn’t just a name anymore. It was his brand.

At 23, Theo Dimitri the stylist was working relentlessly to maintain Theo Dimitri the brand: clocking off after 12-hour shifts, cutting hair, balancing the books, paying rent – it was full-on, and then some!

He was loving it, but he knew he was starting to burn out. Something had to change if he wanted to move forward.

Back to the drawing board

Theo took his qualms back to the executive committee (Mum and Dad), and together they deliberated over how he was going to reach his perfect balance.

He had five main goals that he wasn’t willing to compromise on:

  • be his own boss
  • develop his brand
  • travel
  • maintain his long-standing clientele
  • style for fashion

Although some might look at that list and immediately start whittling it down, Theo knew he was willing to put it in the hard yards to make it happen.

In search of the perfect balance

Theo knows what he loves, and strives to have it all.

In order to start making his goals a reality, he began jet setting. He travelled for expos, fashion weeks, and conferences, returning to Australia every 4-5 weeks.

On his return to Australia, Theo ran his business out of a friend’s salon on a commission-based agreement. This allowed him to maintain his brand and still connect with his loyal clientele.

He would cut hair non-stop for a fortnight in order to sustain his travel and his relationships with clients.

Theo’s secret weapon was Timely. Its mobility let him live his flexible, travel-focused life. Online bookings meant his clients could book in ahead of time to see him during his Australia visits – no need to for him to worry about arranging bookings while he was whirling through fashion shows and expos in Europe.

Timely allowed Theo to keep his own discrete client book, that he could organise from anywhere in the world – literally.

A high-flying hairstylist

“I needed a programme that was in the cloud, so I could access my info anywhere in the world – whether from a cafe the South of France or in transit.”

Theo’s travel and dedication has allowed him to meet some talented artists and inspirational people, including his wonderful partner.

He found a way to learn, grow, work and love, without having to sacrifice any of it.

“When I travel I instantly find more love – you’re open to more, you’re alert and wanting to learn and push yourself.”

Theo recently secured the position of Creative Freelance Consultant for La Biosthetique Paris, just the latest puzzle piece to fall into place.

The future

Although he adores jet-setting between Australia and beyond, Theo has decided that, for now, it’s time to settle. He sees enough value in staying still and fully embracing his new role that he’s made Germany his home.

It wasn’t an easy decision. Theo credits the support of his longstanding clients to his successes. He treats them like his family, as they’ve supported him loyally along the journey.

“I’ve watched many of my clients grow up. From being single, to styling their wedding hair, to giving their children their first cut.”

Theo has found his perfect work/life balance – one that allows him to spend as much time as possible working with hair! He’s now working 3-4 days for as a Creative Freelance Consultant and cutting hair 2-3 days a week to maintain hands-on contact with clients.

Theo is now working, dining and socialising with some of the best in the industry, styling at events such as New York Fashion Week, Men’s Paris Fashion Week and red carpet events.

Although it took him some searching to find the balance, Theo is finally in love with every single day.

At 28, Theo is no less ambitious when he was at 17. He’s constantly learning, and making sure he’s up to date with trends. “This is me in a nutshell at the moment, but I have big plans! Theo Dimitri hair isn’t slowing down.”

We’re proud to know that Timely is a part of Theo’s amazing story, and we’ll be watching to see where he ends up next.