Spa decor has a huge impact on making clients feel welcome and ensuring they come back. Here's some tips on what to do...and what to avoid.

Spa Decor: Do’s and Don’ts

Running a successful spa is about more than just talented staff and the perfect location. Spa decor has a huge impact as well. The way you design your space, and how you decorate it is a crucial part of the customer experience.

With that said, it’s important to understand that you shouldn’t just decorate your salon to make it look “cute”. You should have your typical client in mind when purchasing your decor and should make sure that it’s designed to fit their interests and expectations. If you service a lot of older professionals, it may be best to stick to a modern, upscale feel. If most of your clients are younger college students then feel free to use spa decor that’s a bit more experimental.

What if I don’t know the first thing about spa decor?

That’s ok!

Read on as we explain the do’s and don’ts of spa decor to boost your confidence in whatever direction you choose to head.

DO use an inviting colour scheme

The first step is to use colours that help create an inviting atmosphere for your customers. To get this effect we recommend using earth tones, as they flow easily. Finding other pieces of spa decor to compliment these colours is easy as well.

DO find proper seating

Although they may not be used by clients for long periods of time, they should still be comfortable. The chairs and couches you use in your waiting room and throughout your business are an important aspect in your spa decor.

  • Do make sure that your seating matches the overall aesthetic of the spa.
  • Don’t be cheap: While they may not be used for long periods of time, they will be used often. Cheap furniture always reveals itself sooner or later so it’s best to make the investment now rather than when it starts breaking apart in front of a customer.
  • Don’t forget the cushions! Cushions are a great way to add some personality to your spa decor, as well as making the seating more comfortable.

DO install appropriate lighting

When choosing your spa’s lighting, opt for a muted glow over bright clinical lights. Set a mood with your salon decor by lighting it up in the most complimentary fashion.

Aim for a light that is dark enough for your clients to relax but still bright enough for them to read a magazine.

Splash out on good seating as a focal point for your Spa Decor

DON’T use risqué artwork

You’d be surprised by the amount of salons that think they’re being “edgy” when in reality they’re being borderline offensive. Art can be very polarising. You never know when a client will bring a young child in with them, or if a more conservative customer (who’s not afraid to leave a bad online review!) will walk in.

Do yourself a favour and stick to more conservative, or abstract art, that matches the overall spa decor.

DON’T use strong candles

Don’t get us wrong, candles are great. A lot of people have very sensitive noses however. Some salons go overboard, using candles that end up bothering clients with overbearing smells.

A simple solution is to use those little battery powered candles. Most of them look super realistic when they’re covered by a candle holder. They’ll last longer and save you money as well!

If you simply must have real candles to make your spa decor stand out, then stick to unscented or subtle smells. Obviously if a client requests a specific scent as part of their treatment, that’s fine. For waiting rooms and reception areas though, keep things as neutral as possible.

DON’T go overboard

We understand that deciding on spa decor is exciting. You want to do everything you can to ensure that it looks perfect of course. Just try not to over do it by using an excess of accessories and items that can make your space look cluttered or unorganised.

Read this blog post for tips on setting up a reception.

Leave enough space so that your clients don’t get anxious, and so you and your team have enough room to work your magic!