We picked the brains of 10 experts in the hair and beauty industries on what they see as the salon trends for 2019. How many can your business tick off?

Salon Trends 2019: 10 Hair & Beauty Industry Experts on What to Expect

A huge part of being successful in business is staying ahead of the curve. That’s why we’re curious about what industry professionals are predicting for future salon trends.

Hair and beauty are massive industries, full of innovators and forward-thinkers constantly pushing the envelope. You could say that they’re on the cutting edge…haha.

Dad jokes aside, it can be hard to pick out the signal for the noise. If you’re focused on running the day-to-day of your salon, you’re probably not spending all your spare hours looking into the feasibility of new technology, right?

That’s why we asked industry leaders to contribute their ideas to the Salon Trends magazine.

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We asked 10 experts to shed the light on what salon trends business owners can’t ignore in 2019!

The contributors are:

Danny Pato, Jazz Pampling, Phillippa Middleton, Dario Cotroneo, Nina Mua, Faye Murray, Nicky Shore, Paul Frasca, Kylie Hayes, and Larissa Macleman.

Jazz Pampling, Nina Mua, Dario Cotroneo, Larissa Macleman, Nicky Shore, Paul Frasca, Kylie Hayes, Faye Murray, Phillippa Middleton, and Danny Pato.

These hair & beauty experts came back with a wide range of trends, from smartphones and social media apps, to grown-up glitter and glossy lips.

We’ve gained a wealth of industry insight from these salon pros, and we can’t wait to share it with you all. Contributors include celebrity stylists, beauty professionals, and globe-trotting salon educators. Our ebook also features predictions on salon trends from salon coaches who are constantly on the lookout for the best approaches for business success.

One of our contributors is Dario Cotroneo. Since forming DCI Education in 1998, Dario has been in demand around the world, working in the USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Norway, China, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand to name a few, demonstrating his unique and singular brand of education.

Dario writes on the importance of the client experience, and delivering on what has been promised to the client. He sees a salon trend forming where client consultations are used to their full effect, helping hairdressers be confident in what they do, and fulfilling client expectations.

The challenge for hairdressers is to be confident enough to share an honest opinion of the client’s expectation to what is achievable, based on what you have to work with, whilst at the same time maintaining confidence and trust with each salon guest.

Check out Dario’s tips, and more, here.

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