It’s that time again! We’ve got the latest and greatest Timely feature updates for you, including new waitlist and product history features, an improved Facebook Business integration, and some awesome updates to Rewards and our referrals program. You don’t want to miss this party!

Product Party with Timely: Roll out the red carpet for these awesome updates


      1. Manage client demand with waitlists
      2. Tailor your client experience with product histories
      3. Facebook Business login
      4. Even better Rewards
      5. Bring a plus one to the party with referrals

Manage client demand with waitlists

We know that every moment back with your clients is precious, which is why we’re fizzing to bring you our new Waitlist feature! Now you can build a list of appointment requests and have them ready and waiting to fill any cancelations you might receive, so you can maximise your appointment time. Plus, clients love the chance to snap up last minute bookings. Win/win!

Party Trick: Your Waitlist is a great way to reward VIPs. You can offer them top priority when filling last minute slots. 

Help guide: Getting started with waitlists

Tailor your client experience with product histories

When your clients come in for their next service, our new feature helps you to give them a world class experience! As a Timely customer, you can now view a detailed product history for each of your clients so you can make informed product recommendations during future appointments. Your clients will love that you’re on top of their product history and you can use it as a great opportunity to upsell new products you think your clients will love.

Help guide: How to view client product sales history

Facebook Business login

We don’t know about you, but lockdown definitely saw us spending a lot more time on social media. Not only were we connecting with friends and loved ones, but also building out a brand new integration to help you get the most out of your business social media pages. We now fully integrate with Facebook Business, which means our booking integrations with Facebook and Instagram are better than ever! It’s really easy to set up and clients will love being able to book from anywhere, anytime.

Party Trick: Using the Facebook Business login means your clients will also be able to book with you via Facebook Messenger too; perfect for those businesses that like to use Messenger to chat with clients!

Help guide: How to enable Timely bookings on your Facebook and Instagram accounts 

Even better Rewards 

This one’s a double whammy; both your business and your clients will love it! Our advanced Rewards program is now live with all sorts of features to help you grow your business by rewarding your clients’ loyalty. Our Rewards system is super simple to set up and uses your sales history to clearly lay out how frequently your clients will receive discounts, so you can create a formula that’s best for your business. 

Party Trick: If you’re on our Innovate package you have even greater control over your rewards program with the ability to pick which products and services earn points and which don’t!

Help guide: Getting started with Rewards 

Set it up in Timely: Enable Rewards now (Elevate and Innovate packages only)

Not on the Elevate or Innovate package? Claim your 30 day trial here

Save your clients time with stored cards

Speaking of things your clients will love, we’ve recently rolled out a great new update for TimelyPay! Using TimelyPay, your clients can now store their cards in Timely to speed up and simplify online payments. Clients can also access their saved cards from their Client login, so they can update them at anytime. 

Party trick: Watch this space for contactless payments, coming very soon!

Help guide: Get started with TimelyPay

Set it up in Timely: Setup TimelyPay now (Elevate and Innovate packages only)

Not on the Elevate or Innovate package? Claim your 30 day trial here

Bring a plus one to the party with referrals

Finally, we have great news about our referral programme! It’s had a bit of a facelift to make it easier for you to earn rewards. If you share the timely love and recommend us to another business, we’ll send you a $100/£100 voucher when your friend activates their account. Plus your friend will receive 50% off their first two months of Timely! Vouchers can be redeemed at one of 15 online stores; access your unique shareable link to refer friends here.

Party Trick: Keen for more rewards? There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can send and vouchers you can earn!

Help Guide: How to refer friends to Timely