Mucktaru Karbo, or MK, has an exuberant personality. You can't help but feel inspired and ready to tackle anything when you're around him. Like attracts like, and that's the key to MK’s success.

MK Hair Studio and Academy is male grooming service that specialises in providing quality styling for classic and modern cuts, including pictorial design and hair tattooing. Treatments range from hair cutting, shaving, facials, consultations and hair/scalp treatments.

Timely Customer Champion Sarah got to show off some of MK’s work last year, so we can personally verify just how good he is with a razor!

MK Hair Studio and Academy - The Law Of Attraction

Just keep swimming

MK worked for a few salons, honing his skills as a technician and admitting he was quite the perfectionist. He wanted a space where he could truly offer his loyal following a top-quality service. A business that cared about the finer details. MK began building his studio from scratch (yes, literally with a hammer and nails). He knew that if he could build his own shop from scratch, he could do anything.

He established his Academy in 2006, and since then has been immersing himself educational spaces, speeches, talks and events.

With little to no business knowledge, M.K admits that it was tough starting out.

“You think, ‘Well I’m a good barber, so I should be able to do a good barbershop. But it has nothing to do with cutting hair. Absolutely nothing to do with it!”

As a child, MK taught himself how to swim by throwing himself into a pool and forcing himself to stay afloat. This full-fledged, all-or-nothing attitude has stayed with him and gotten him to where he is today.

“You just have to throw yourself in and learn as you go.”

MK shares his business journey in an understated and uncomplicated manner.

“I just started trying things, and it started working.”

A true creative, competition work was where MK came to life. He’s won endless awards from Battle of the Barbers to Innovator of the Year. His reputation has since gone global, winning Russian professional of the year in 2014. MK also credits these competitions to his success as a technician and businessman.

Everywhere he goes, MK sprinkles his positive energy and this was no different in the competition space. Not only did he keep on swimming, he kept on winning.

MK’s positive and freethinking mindset has made him one of the best in the industry.

“I find creativity everywhere. I believe everyone has the opportunity to be a visionary, regardless of what field of work you’re from.”

MK soaks up as much inspiration as he can through fashion, film, theatre or the hair industry itself.

“Being involved in the industry is inspiration in itself. It’s about taking the time out to just be creative and to just choose to sit down with your staff and peers, and to look for opportunities.”

To keep current, MK simply shows up. He is a regular attendee at industry events, from fashion shows to competitions and expos.

“Look at ways to adapt that for yourself. It’s just whether you’ve got the mindset to look for it.”

MK’s appreciation of his art as a science and the value of both creativity and spreadsheets have made him a master barber. Although it might sound simple, MK’s advice for business (and life) is anything but.

“If you don’t want to sink, you better learn how to swim.”

MK has shown that with determination, flair, and positivity, you can achieve anything.

MK Hair Studio and Academy - The Law Of Attraction