Now is the time to test and add things to your business. One of the easiest things to add to your business is video services, video consultations, and product consultations with Google hangouts, Zoom or Skype… or any other video service you want to use!

Welcome to our new HITT class series, these are short and sharp 15-minute intense training sessions designed to get you Timely fit. Each week we’ll be releasing a blog and Alex and Lu will be hosting a Facebook LIVE class on a Monday (9am UKT / 6pm AEST / 8pm NZT) focusing on a different topic each week. Make sure you Follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop with what’s coming up. So what are we waiting for, let’s do this!

In this blog we’ll cover:

    1. Video consultations for treatments and services
    2. Video services
    3. Screen share consultation
    4. Sending a consultation for your client to fill in
    5. Video consultations for products


Video consultations for treatments and services

Instead of asking a client to come in for a consultation, ask yourself, could I do this virtually? If the answer is yes, save time, reduce people in your waiting area and protect yourself with less human contact by doing it virtually! For the countries that have restrictions on numbers in your premises, virtual consultations are brilliant as you and the team can conduct them from anywhere! Even from bed, we know you want to :)

Tip: Make sure that you let your client know that they’ll need great lighting or natural light in order for you to see them clearly and give a professional evaluation

Help Guides:
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Downloading, setting up and using Consult forms


Video services are your new revenue stream!

What can you teach your clients to do, what can you offer them virtually? Whether it be makeup lessons, hair styling lessons, product application tutorials, lymphatic draining at home, facial lessons, coaching sessions… you name it, you can charge for your time and your expertise! Your clients will be looking and feeling so good with your advice and you can add another layer of revenue to your business. 

Tip: Go live on Instagram to announce that you now offer video services – it notifies all of your followers! You can also send an SMS campaign to let your clients know about your new offering!

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Screen share consultation 

Jump on your iPad or iPhone and start video calling your client, then simply share your screen and open Consult, your client will then be able to see the questions you’re going through and you can make sure that all questions are answered correctly and in detail. This helps make sure that the consultation has been filled out properly and that both the business and the client are on the same page before they start a service or treatment.

Tip: Most other Timely businesses use Zoom for their virtual services but you can use anything you like with Google Meet and Skype other popular options (And most have free offerings).

Help Guide: Downloading, setting up and using Consult forms


Sending a consultation for your client to fill in

With Timely you can send your client a consultation form that they can fill out at home! When you’re on a video call with your client you can go through the consultation with them and then they’re able to sign it and send it back to you! This is ideal for treatments that require a signature in order to go forward or treatments where you require photos of the client that they can add in themselves. 

Tip: Also have the consultation open on your side so that you can go through all the questions, making sure they don’t miss anything important.

Help Guides:
Filling out a consultation from home
Downloading, setting up and using Consult forms


Video consultations for products

Not having an established online retail offering made life extra tough for some businesses during the shutdown period. One of the best ways to sell products to your customers is to offer product consultations to your clients, and to make the cost of the consultation redeemable on your products! You’ll also be able to show your client how to use them on themselves so that they are getting the best results from your professional products. 

Tip: People don’t just buy products because of what they do. If the company is eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, gives to charity, or has amazing ethics and values, let your client know! 

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