Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s a great opportunity to help make February a bumper sales month. So here’s our 5 tips on how to get the most out of the season of love.

5 tips to having a bumper Valentine’s Day

1. Create special Valentine’s Day packages 

Everyone loves a bit of me time and there is nothing better than a gift voucher for a treatment or two, especially for Valentines Day.  So create some special Valentine’s Day packages and get ready to spread the love. 

It’s a good idea to create three packages of popular treatments, each one at a slightly different price point.  Add something extra to each option to make it Valentine’s Day-themed. For example, you could have every bundle come with a beautiful product, some chocolate  or even a glass of bubbles!  You can also put together a couple’s bundle, these shared experiences are a popular option for Valentine’s Day.

Remember a lot of the people buying these gifts will be your clients partners. So they may need a helping hand when it comes to what kind of package to get. Check your client appointment history, and the products they love and give them some direction on what to purchase for their loved one. They often need it!

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2. Get social 

Facebook and Instagram are great tools to promote your Valentine’s Day packages and offers.  It’s a good idea to create a few posts and keep talking about what you have to offer every day in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. There are a lot of last minute buyers out there.

Instagram stories are another great way to share your messages and let people know about the packages. Have some fun, try things like a short video of the salon, use gifs and images of the vouchers and products you have available.  

You can also boost your posts to get in front of more people. Given the average person spends $167USD on Valentine’s gifts, it’s a good time to put some dollars behind your marketing efforts. 


3. Share the love with SMS 

SMS campaigns are a great way to let clients know about your Valentine’s Day packages.

Our SMS marketing campaigns have lots of filters, so it’s easy to target the exact group of clients you want to receive the campaign. You could filter and find customers who had a specific treatment that are included in your Valentine’s Day packages. 

Our bulk SMS rates are also the cheapest in the market, so you can send a high value message to all of your clients or just a few targeted ones, without breaking the bank. Read more about using SMS marketing campaigns in this blog.

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4. Run a competition

A competition can help your social media go a long way. Rather than encourage people just to buy one of your Valentine’s Day packages, you can create a competition, where everyone who comments and shares a post with your Valentine’s Day package goes into a draw for a free bundle or some product.

This helps you to build buzz and get your posts more widely distributed to a much larger audience. 

5. Partner up!

Reach out to other local businesses nearby who may be looking for Valentine’s Day customers, such as a nice restaurant and suggest a joint package of dinner and a treatment or two.  Partnering up is a great way to grow your awareness and reach new potential customers. And of course it’s an amazing way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with lush treatments and a romantic meal. 

Get started

Valentine’s Day isn’t far away, so you’d better get started! Remember, it all starts with your Valentine’s Day bundles, so put those together first, then start promoting them using one of the above ideas.