So you've had a play with Timely, decided it’s totally amazing (aww, shucks!), and have signed up to get going. You’re now using the coolest appointment scheduling system in the known Universe*.

4 easy ways to increase your bookings

Now what? Well, unless you plan to only use Timely internally then you’ll want to start taking bookings online. Here are some quick tips that will get you set up and taking more bookings in no time.

Tip 1: Add the handy Facebook Book Now button

Facebook Book Now ButtonIf you have a Facebook page for your business jump into your Timely account and go to Promote > Facebook app. There’s a nice big green button there to click on, and in about 10 seconds you’ll be ready to take online bookings directly from your Facebook page. Ole!

If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, why not? It’s free, easy, and a great way to connect with your customers! Create a Facebook page here.


Tip 2: Make use of your free mini website

Free Mini-WebsiteDon’t have a website for your business? Not to worry, we’ve made one for you! You’ll find it under Promote > Mini website, where you can make sure all the information you’d like displayed is ready to go.

Add your logo, an eye-catching cover image for the banner, and start telling people where to find your site (hit that ‘Preview website’ button to check out how it looks and to grab the link). You can even point your own domain name to your mini site, which we can help you get set up – just drop us a line!


Tip 3: Add Timely to your website

Website with book now buttonsIf you DO have a fancy website (ooh la la!) then it’s easy to add Book Now buttons to it.

Take a look under Promote > Book now buttons – there are more options than you can shake an old diary at, including buttons that allow bookings for a specific location, staff member or service, and with a bit of know-how (or help from that computer-savvy friend of yours) you can even make your own.


Tip 4: Shout it from the rooftopsUntitled-1

Ok, so you’re all set up and ready to take online bookings on Facebook and your website. Now, go tell some people! Fire out a Mailchimp newsletter to your customers (you can even connect Mailchimp to Timely, you know…), spread the word on Twitter and Facebook, get creative with letting your Instagram followers know, and tell your customers when they visit your business in person.


There you have it – 4 quick tips to help make life easier for your customers, and to help you increase your bookings.

Have you set up any of the above? Has it helped your bookings grow? Have you had awesome feedback from your customers about their online booking experience with Timely? We want to hear all about it, so let us know in the comments!

* We have no scientific proof of this, but Timely is probably the coolest system in the unknown Universe as well. Bit tricky to measure that one.