It’s finally here...the blog post you’ve all been waiting for! Just kidding, we know it’s not the most exciting topic, but we take data security very seriously here at Timely. Our customers trust us with a lot of sensitive information, so it’s important that we keep everybody in the loop. Don’t worry, our data security is already world-class, but we’re making some changes to beef it up even more!

Security updates at Timely

Here’s what’s changing

We’re updating the way our customers can store their clients’ credit card details in Timely to make sure we’re compliant with new PCI (Payment Card Industry) data security standards. Some customers like to store client credit card details in places that aren’t secure enough for PCI standards (like the notes field in Timely), and some people may not even be aware that they have client card details saved in these places!

So, there are a couple of things we need to do to make sure cards are being stored as securely as possible in Timely.

  • 25th of February 2021: Customers won’t be able to save clients’ credit card details in places that aren’t secure in Timely (like the notes field). 
  • 30th of March 2021: Any credit card details stored in these places will be hidden, and no longer accessible.

Your options for securely storing credit card details

Timely Pay (available in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand)

Currently, your clients can save their card details with Timely Pay themselves, but you can’t enter those details if the client shares them in store or over the phone. Well hold on to your hats! From the 23rd of February 2021, you’ll be able to securely store card details against a client’s record in Timely Pay, and you’ll also be able to manually transfer any current card details you had previously saved in the notes field over to this secure location.

If you’re in the UK, AU or NZ but not using Timely Pay, you should! It takes minutes to set up, it’s cheaper than Paypal and the same price as Stripe, and has other great features like Cardless checkout and No-show protection. Learn more >

Other payment providers

For customers who are outside the UK, AU and NZ and don’t have access to TimelyPay (or want to keep using their current payment provider), we recommend you talk to your preferred provider about the options available to you for securely storing clients’ credit card details.

Another jazzy security update

Say hello to our new friend at Timely, Two Factor Authentication (2FA)! If you’re unsure what 2FA is, it’s basically an extra layer of security on top of your business email and password that helps to make your Timely account even more secure. Learn more and set up 2FA >