Timely Business Management Software is thrilled to announce the appointment of its latest Brand Ambassador, Abigail James.

Timely welcomes ambassador Abigail James

An award winning  expert in advanced skin rejuvenation and education, Abigail is the owner of Abigail James Skin in Surrey, has authored the book The Glow Plan and recently launched a podcast, Knowing Me, Glowing You.

Timely has been Abigail’s go-to business management software since 2015 and allows her to deliver a top class client experience to her bespoke celebrity clientele including Cher, Laura Jackson, Arizona Muse and Donna Air. 

Abigail has enjoyed a close relationship with Timely, recently joining the team at  Professional Beauty Expo 2022 where Abigail hosted the Day 2 panel discussions and keynote speakers.

“I’m thrilled to be working alongside timely as an ambassador, they have been a key part of my practice for years, I know first hand the positive impact they have had on my business, making my clinic life more streamlined, my client care much simpler, as well as being an invaluable administrative support for the growth of my business” 

“This is a really exciting time for the Timely community. We’ve had a long-standing relationship with Abigail as a valued customer and this next step in the relationship will help provide us with a further understanding of a new generation of serious skin specialists, by enhancing the level of service and excellence they provide in clinic through their Timely offering. With Abigail on our side guiding us through the ever changing beauty landscape, we’re excited to continually learn, grow and develop as a company, for our industry!” Timely’s Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, Tamara Reid concludes.

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