With Timely as the receptionist, Renata can focus on her clients

Posted by Alex Davies-Parmenter

Wax etc. is a waxing and beauty bar where the emphasis is on providing a waxing experience that is not only comfortable, but the best waxing experience you could possibly have! Renata, the owner of Wax etc, was one of the first ever Timely users, and she loves it.

With Timely as the receptionist, Renata can focus on her clients

Timely is better designed

Renata had been using an appointment scheduling system called Ezybook, but the moment she saw Timely’s Calendar she knew she was going to switch software. In her words, “it was not in the same league as Timely”.

“Timely is just as easy to use as say Twitter or Facebook, that’s how simple the layout is.”
Renata working with a client

Switching to Timely was easy

Wax etc. had a couple of years of client information to move over to Timely when they signed up. Renata simply downloaded all of the information from her old system, and then uploaded it onto Timely. Simple as that! And the simplicity of Timely meant she was quickly up and running, as it was so easy to find her way around.

Online booking is a key feature

“My clients absolutely love that you can book online. If it wasn’t for that, my phone would be ringing all of the time, and I wouldn’t be able to answer it.” Renata explains that she gets at least five bookings every day directly through the online booking system. All of her regulars just know to book through her website, rather than trying to email or ring.

Renata in her waxing clinic
“Timely is amazing. You can’t get better value for money than Timely. There is nothing on the market that comes close to it, to be fair.”

Timely means more customers

Renata is adamant that Timely has made a huge difference to the success of her business. She even says that without Timely her business would not be in the enviable position it is in now.

Using Timely means that Renata does not need to worry about hiring a receptionist, which would be really expensive for her small business. Instead she has hired Timely and estimates that 90% of bookings are made online. She loves that her clients are able to book in for an appointment at Wax etc. any time in the day or the night and she doesn’t need to be available for them to be able to schedule.

“Sometimes I used to email clients back up to five times before we could settle on a suitable time. Now they just book in using Timely, and we don’t have to go back and forth.”

About: Wax etc. is a waxing and beauty bar located in Dunedin. Their focus is on making waxing a comfortable experience, and not something that needs to be feared! Their private and comfortable surroundings ensure that your waxing treatment is stress-free. Visit the Wax etc. website.