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Work on any device

You don’t need to buy any new hardware – Timely will run beautifully on your Desktop PC or Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

Be safe in the cloud

Timely works from your web browser, meaning there's nothing to install or keep up to date. Your data is secure and encrypted with the same technology used by banks.

Go Mobile

Access your bookings from your phone or tablet — your customers can make bookings from their mobile devices too.

Take Online Booking

You have the option of allowing customers to book online through your website or Facebook.

Sarah, Keegan and Dave from Timely Support

You Get Amazing Support

We're people-people and our team is famous for providing amazing help when it’s needed. Timely support is fast, friendly and free.

Grow with popular Add-ons

Timely connects with Xero, Google Calendar, MailChimp, Vend, MYOB, Google Contacts and more, so you can run your whole business online.

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