Balancing family life with a busy chiropractic clinic

Louise Posted by Louise Blakely

When Blair and Liz Apperley found that managing appointments for their busy chiropractic clinic was starting to eat into their family time, they looked for a way to work smarter.

The Chiropractors love that Timely gives the more time to spend with family.

Saving time

“We are a working couple who juggle a practice with family life. It was awkward to make appointments during the same hours that we saw clients. So we were doing a lot of call-backs after work. We were finding that each evening, there was about an hour and a half of extra time going into contacting clients to manage appointments.”

A better appointment system

“What I had hoped for with Timely was to get an easier appointment system. We definitely got that.”

“One of us can be at home and book clients in, while the other works at the clinic. The appointment pops up immediately on the computer screen in the clinic, so we can see the schedule change in real-time.”

The bottom line

“What we also got with Timely was four bonuses that I hadn’t anticipated:”

  1. Timely saves us money because similar systems we looked at were more expensive (and Timely is better looking and easier to use anyway)
  2. Timely makes us money! In any given month, if two clients who would have missed showing up make it to their appointment because of reminders, then Timely pays for itself. In fact, over the past few weeks, we have on average had two less no-shows every week. The Timely system has led to an increase in income of three times what it costs.
  3. Timely has given us something back that it’s hard to put a dollar value on… time in the evenings. Being a busy, working parent who now gets more time to play with my 3 year old, I am finding it brilliant.
  4. Our clients are often busy too… and have commented that they really appreciate the automated reminders.

About: The Chiropractors is a Wellington based chiropractic practice owned and operated by husband and wife team, Blair and Liz Apperley. They work from Freyberg Pool & Fitness Centre in Oriental Bay, Wellington. To get in touch email or call +64 21 168 9184. Visit the The Chiropractors website.