3 Easy Ways to Smash it on Facebook!

3 keys to facebook success
Rosie Ward
Marketing at Timely
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We all know the benefits of using social media for your business, but here’s 3 easy ways to do it right.

Let’s cut to the chase. Execute on any one of the following three Facebook tactics (they don’t need to be done at the same time) and you’ll be sure to gain a great boost of awareness, engagement, and most importantly… bookings!

Run a Giveaway

In order to get the ball rolling, you want to build up your social following on Facebook. When you do address your audience, you need a crowd there listening to you.

What better way to do that than by giving away some free stuff?

There are a few things you MUST include:

  1. A beautiful photo of the prize.
  2. “Like Our Page to Enter” in your caption. This is the whole point of the competition for your business.
  3. Encourage them to tell their friends to join in the fun. More entries the better.

Then the Facebook necessities:

  1. Acknowledge that the competition is not linked to Facebook. “This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook.” – This keeps Facebook happy and means your post won’t be taken down.
  2. Outline competition rules. “Winner will be drawn randomly on 11 November.

See an example of a Timely competition here.

Make a Video

Yes, video content rules the internet. It’s a no-brainer these days.

Video engages highly with your audience and it increases your brand awareness hugely. You’re going to have more clients, and they’re going to have a whole lot more love for you.

Here’s a few tips to making a great video:

  • Grab attention in the first 3-seconds. Slow intros are boring and most people won’t last much longer than 3-seconds if it doesn’t grab their attention.
  • Show your brand/logo in the first 5-seconds. You want viewers to come away remembering who the video was about, not just what it was about.
  • Keep it short. 20-seconds is ideal, but you can graduate to 1-minute once you know your audience is engaged.
  • Use captions/subtitles. I cannot stress this enough. An increasing number of people are using social media in silence, therefore you need to spell it out for them or else they’ll miss the point. Facebook now has a great feature which allows you to add captions over your video, which will only be activated if the user is watching in silence. We still recommend adding your own captions over the top – you’ll see the difference.
  • Boost your video to a local or custom audience (promote it using paid advertising). This is essential as you will be able to drastically increase your reach.

Take a look at a Timely video here.

engagement with events is easy on facebook

Host an Event

You may be thinking, isn’t this article about Facebook? Yes, stay with us.

This is where the digital world meets the real-world.

Running events on Facebook is perfect for boosting your business profile and staying in the top-of-mind awareness of your clients and extended audience. They demonstrate to your audience that you are ahead of the game and that you want to nurture the community surrounding your business.

By bringing you closer to your clients you will be able to get more people through the door so you can show off your gorgeous salon or spa!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Create an event on Facebook to launch a new product or service.
  2. Make it ‘special’. “Guest speaker”, “Be the first-to-see”, “Exclusive to…
  3. Invite your clients. Extend it to other people in the industry (Set event to Public).
  4. Personally invite influencers. They’ll generate a lot of attention through their large audience reach.
  5. Goodie Bags. Give your guests something to remember the event by, and most importantly, something to take a photo of…
  6. Encourage guests to post on social. This is a key opportunity to growing your brand on social.
  7. Hire a photographer. Whether it’s your niece or your husband, make sure you have a quality photographer that will capture the fun on the night. Post these on your Facebook later so that your guests can reshare them on theirs.

What’s your homework after this?

Try out at least one of these tactics to boost your social media presence.

You’ll be amazed by the chatter that you can create, which will later result in more bookings. Feel free to comment below or send us a DM for more info on how you can smash it on Facebook!

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Your friends might enjoy this
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