Stop losing money from no-shows!

Automated SMS and email reminders reduce your no-shows by up to 44%

When customers fail to show up for a booking they waste time and hurt your bottom-line. By sending a simple text message or email, Timely can help you reduce no-shows by up to 50%.

  • Unlimited Free Email Reminders
  • SMS Reminders – only pay for what you use
  • Specify when reminders are sent
  • Customise SMS templates to suit your business
  • Automatically notify staff of new bookings, changes or cancellations

SMS reminders on a mobile phone, confirming an appointment

Keep things on track

Keep things on track

Timely acts as your receptionist, automatically sending SMS or email reminders to ensure your customers always arrive on time.

Staff get a notification when appointments are confirmed, changed or cancelled — everyone knows the schedule.

Different people

Customise reminders to suit each customer

Timely lets you tailor reminders to your customer's preference of either SMS or email (or both), and set how far in advance the Reminders are sent.

Timely's mark of Dependable Service

Your reminders always get through

We pride ourselves on having a trusted and reliable record of delivery.

Spot the time-wasters

If a customer fails to make an appointment you can send an automated SMS or email to let them know. We’ll give you a heads-up the next time they book, so you can call and make sure they turn up. The exact number of missed appointments is stored in the Customer Records. Don't let disorganised customers hurt your profit margins!

You're never in the dark

Access a full history of every reminder sent to your customers. In the event of a customer dispute this history can help resolve any confusion.

“We used to have a no show rate of 20%. Since we've been using Timely, this has dropped to 2%, due to the email reminders.” Amanda Mortimer, Life Coach from Your Life Live It Amanda Mortimer, Your Life Live It