Your customers can book at any time

You have the option of allowing customers to book online through your website or Facebook. With your business taking bookings 24/7, it’s like having a receptionist who never sleeps or takes a break.

Take bookings from:

  • Facebook
  • Your existing website
  • Your free Timely Mini-Website
Online booking makes people happy

Easy options for online bookings

Timely's beautiful Book Now button

Book Now Button

When customers click the Book Now button, it opens a pop-up window on top of your website that takes them through the booking process.

You also have the option of creating Book Now buttons that are specifically for individual business locations, staff and services.

Take bookings through Facebook or your existing website

Make the most of your Facebook profile

The average user spends over 20 minutes on Facebook every day. Add the Timely Booking App to your Facebook page and people can easily book your services as they hang out online.

The Booking Widget embeds an easy-to-use booking process in your website

Booking Widget

Embed a booking panel directly into your website with a simple bit of code. Your customers can make and edit their own bookings

Here’s how it works

  1. You define a range of times for clients to make online bookings.
  2. You choose how clients can book: through Facebook, your existing website or your free Timely Mini-Website.
  3. Clients make bookings online through their phone, tablet or computer.
  4. The booking is added to your Timely Calendar.
  5. If you like, you can add a step and manually confirm the booking before it gets locked in.

Your bookings are 100% private & secure. When people book online they only see a range of available booking times. No other calendar, customer or business details are visible.

“Timely acts as my clinic receptionist – taking new bookings, reminding clients of their appointments, and allowing them to change appointments… I don’t need to be available for them to do any of this.” Rachel Ah Kit from Bodyworks Massage Rachel Ah Kit, Bodyworks Massage