Build better relationships

Everyone knows great Customer Service when they get it

With Timely’s customer records you’ll really get to know your customers and their preferences.

Before you see a customer, refresh your memory with a look at their profile — you’ll be able to offer a level of personal service that will keep people coming back.

  • Customer records with a complete history of bookings, sales, notes and SMS/emails
  • Use each customer record to offer delightful, personalised service
  • Comprehensive reporting lets you understand your customer-base and spot trends

Hands making a heart

Customer details required for appointment booking

Offer a more personal service

Add a photo to a customer record and give folks a warm welcome the moment you see them walk in the door. A complete customer profile is only two clicks away. Use the profile to add notes, or to offer a product based on their previous purchases.

Customer records include:

  • Personal details; name, photo, contact details and birthday
  • Complete history of bookings, sales, notes and SMS/emails
  • Amount owing and all invoices
  • Segments and Status
  • Customer preferences for Reminders and Marketing

Your customers are different

Not all customers are the same

Some of your customers are more profitable than others. Timely lets you assign high-rollers VIP Status, so you can easily give them the attention they deserve. Add a Contra/Alert to a customer and it will show up during booking, and in the Calendar. Heads-up! Customers who miss appointments will trigger an alert in the Calendar when they make a booking.

Appointment reports

Insightful reporting

Timely Reports allow you to group your customers by the services they use, the time since their last booking, date added, birthday, and more. This information can help you to understand your clientele and drive your Next Great Marketing Campaign.

Timely is mobile-friendly and works with a range of devices

Your business in your pocket

Because Timely is mobile-friendly you can move around your business and be more natural and relaxed as you relate to customers. As you chat, add a quick note or make the next booking — it’s all good.