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Schedule any kind of customer appointment with ease

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A calendar you'll love, and a whole lot more

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See your schedule

With multiple calendar views (day, week, month) it’s never been so easy to get a handle on your schedule. Filter your calendar by staff member, all working staff, or all staff to see what’s coming up for everyone.

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Know your customers better

All the important info you need to know about your clients sits right next to your calendar. View previous and future appointments, invoices, notes, and more. You do stuff here, too! Rebook them, sell them products, or get in touch with them.

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Your rooms and equipment, visually

It’s not just staff members and services that you can schedule in Timely. Book out specific rooms or resources, like massage beds, IPL machines, or workout equipment.

Appointment scheduling for professionals

Everything you need to know about your customer's appointment lives in the Timely appointment pop-up. Pick as many services as you need, and choose staff and any optional resources required.

Everything at your fingertips

Colour-coded services make it easy to see what's coming up. Figure out the invoice status from the icon, or whether the appointment is going to need a specific resource. VIPs get a special icon to give your staff a head's-up for the red carpet treatment.

Fall in love with your schedule

Appointment scheduling for professionals

Appointments, classes, breaks and busy times

Multi-service appointments

View by day, week, or month

Two-way integration with Google Calendar

Recurring appointments, classes and busy time

See upcoming calendar activity at a glance

View by staff or location

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