4 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Salons and Spas

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Rosie Ward
Marketing at Timely
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Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for salons and spas, as people look for relaxing and luxurious gifts for their partners. Let’s look at how salon owners can take advantage of this opportunity.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect marketing opportunity to help salons make February a bumper sales month.

Create special Valentine’s Day packages

The first place to look for Valentine’s Day marketing is at your service. Remember, a lot of the people buying these services will be your customers’ partners. They may not know as much as your customers when it comes to spa treatments. For example, they may not know what kind of treatment to get, what’s a good treatment, and what is an appropriate amount to spend.

You can make things easier for them by putting together a few Valentine’s Day bundles, geared at partners who don’t know much about salons. Make three options, each one at a slightly different price point. Include some of your more popular services, so people don’t have to choose specific services for their partners. This will make it easier for people to choose what to get their partner for Valentine’s Day.

Add something extra to each option to make it Valentine’s Day-themed. For example, you could have every bundle come with a red rose, or some chocolate – or even a glass of sparkling wine! This upgrades it from a spa experience to a unique Valentine’s Day experience.

You can also put together couple’s bundle. This changes the nature of the Valentine’s Day gift – now you’re providing options to people who want to buy a shared experience with their partner.

Promote your deals with Facebook advertising

You need to cast a wide net to find the people who will buy this for their partners – many of them will not be your current customers.

Facebook is a great social media platform to advertise on because it’s so widely used. You can advertise in people’s newsfeeds with a clear budget – the higher your budget, the more people will see your ad.

Use your existing customer base as inspiration for choosing your audience. If your existing customers are all between the ages of 28 and 35, then target your ads towards people who are 25 to 37 (the extra years on either side are to give you a buffer).

Target your customers by location as well. This way, you don’t put an ad in front of someone who lives too far away for your offer to be practical.

If you’re targeting gifts to partners, you could say something like “Not sure what your partner likes at the salon? This Valentine’s Day bundle is sure to cover your bases!”

Or, if you make a couple’s deal, you could say something like “Have a treat and spend some time together with our Valentine’s Day couples bundle.”

Then add an image that helps to convey your message. Be sure to choose something with things people associate with Valentine’s Day, such as hearts and roses.

Run a competition

A competition can help your social media advertising go further. Rather than encourage people just to buy one of your Valentine’s Day bundles, you can create a competition, where everyone who shares a post with your Valentine’s Day package goes into a draw for a free bundle.

This helps you to build buzz and get your ad more widely distributed. The downside is that you lose some control over who sees it: if your ad gets shared by someone whose Facebook friends all live 50km away, those people are unlikely to buy your services. This is the kind of tradeoff you need to think through before you carry out your Valentine’s Day marketing.

Partner up!

Salons and spas aren’t the only experiences people treat one another to for Valentine’s Day. People also do things like have nice dinners, see a movie or show, and go away for the weekend. Take advantage of this by reaching out to other businesses who may be looking for Valentine’s Day customers, such as a nice restaurant. If they put together a Valentine’s Day bundle, you can offer it to your customers, along with your own Valentine’s Day bundles. Then the other businesses can do the same for you.

This gives your customers the ability to easily provide a whole day of Valentine’s Day experiences, and gives you new reach into a new set of customers.

Get started!

Valentine’s Day isn’t far away, so you’d better get started! Remember, it all starts with your Valentine’s Day bundles, so put those together first, then start promoting them using one of the above ideas.

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