Why isn’t your Salon Fully Booked?

Faye Murray
Business Coach and Speaker
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Imagine looking at your schedule at the beginning of next week and it’s fully booked? In this post (read-time: 1:45) I’ll give you 3 steps to making this a reality in your salon.

Who would like to look at their appointment schedule at the beginning of next week and be fully booked?

I’m sure that everyone said a big yes without hesitation.

A full appointment schedule won’t happen for you unless, as one of the services that you offer, you plan the next visit and offer the service of re-booking. You must understand that this is a service to your clients.

In this blog I will share with you the steps that I know, from my experience as a business coach, will definitely achieve what you want.

However, there is a challenge…

The challenge is for you to be focused enough to put into practice what I share with you.

I am going to give you the steps to follow and I am also going to give you some revelations.

Step one

You absolutely must match the client’s expectations.

You absolutely must show the clients that you care and are interested.

You absolutely must stand out as a professional that can please the client.


No client will rebook a service with you unless they are 100% happy with everything you have done. You don’t go back to a restaurant that serves you average food and gives you average service, there are too many to choose from. People will only return if they get “their version” of good.

Step two

Use all of your professional skills every single time. When a hair client sits in your chair or a beauty client has a treatment you must say to yourself. “I am going to do everything I can do and use all my knowledge and skill to win this client, so they want to come back not just to our salon but to me personally.”

When an existing client returns to you, you must try just as hard every time to please that client. Don’t ever take an existing client for granted. Make every visit a special experience.


Think about this carefully. This is a fact from a survey conducted by a leading product company.

Only 45 % of first time clients return to the same salon.

Scary you might think but I say what an opportunity to be the one who stands out and does it better. This says there are hairdressers and therapists out there not getting it right enough often enough, for clients to choose to go back to them.

3 steps to having a successful salon

Step three

During the service start to plan the next visit(s).

An example:

“If we are going to work to grow those layers down to change the shape it will probably take 4 visits. I will work with your hair to make sure we still keep a great shape while we are getting to your goal.”


“Your daughter’s wedding is in five months, so I suggest that we plan to do this facial once a week for the first month then once a month after that. This will guarantee your skin will look amazing for the wedding. What do you think?”


Re-booking will build your client base quicker than any marketing campaign. These clients have already come to your salon. They live or work nearby. They have made a decision that they think your salon matches their expectations. Get it right and you will have lots more clients and that will result in you getting closer to that full appointment book.

Your friends might enjoy this
Your friends might enjoy this
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