The Value You Give to Your Clients: Salon Advice from Faye Murray

What are salons your core values?
Faye Murray
Business Coach and Speaker
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Today’s salon clients expect value. In this post I explain the three types of value I work with, and encourage.

Value is something that is often spoken about in relation to good service in salons. Today’s clients expect value.

So how do you understand what your clients will perceive as value?

There are 3 types of value that you should be aware of: ‘core value’, ‘surprise value’, and ‘personal value’. You will need a strong focus to supply these if you want to satisfy clients and keep them returning to you.

Core Value

This is what you agree to do for a client, for example a regrowth colour to cover grey hair or a perfect brow shape. If you don’t deliver 100% of the client’s expectations with this service, your client will not return and will tell others of their dissatisfaction.

Surprise Value

This is when you identify and solve your client’s problems and offer what is not necessarily an expected part of the agreement. When you, by asking questions and listening deeply, become aware of and provide additional opportunities to help your client that adds value and benefits.

Personal Value

Each client who visits your salon wants and needs to gain something different from the personal relationship that is developed between you and them. Your communication skills must be individual and make sure you don’t have a one-size fits all approach.

As a business coach, I recognise that you must not only understand what the values are, but how to get them to be part of your team culture.

Four clear steps to apply value:

  1. Clearly define your salon standards and expectations.
  2. Involve your team and get their agreement.
  3. Train your team in the application of these values.
  4. Commit to making it happen 100% of the time.

I guarantee if you embrace these values in your salon you will have more clients who will love what you do.

Your friends might enjoy this
Your friends might enjoy this
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