Today's update includes links to Vend sales from appointments, tweaked access for staff to the resource calendar, and some bug fixing.

Vend sale links, resource calendar staff access and more

New Features & Enhancements

  • We've added the link to the Vend sale for an appointment when you click the appointment from the calendar.
  • Some businesses were experiencing slowness switching between the Calendar and the Customers tab. We have made some changes to prevent this.
  • We've made a tweak to staff access for the Resource calendar. It's now possible to view the Resource calendar, even if you don't have access to create or edit resources.

Bug Fixes

  • We've tidied up a layout issue on the Setup > Invoices and taxes page that occurred when a payment type included an apostrophe.
  • There were some alignment issues that occurred when viewing an invoice after a payment had been requested, which have now been fixed.
  • We've fixed some display issues that occurred when using an iPad to tap the 'Pay later' button when booking online.
  • An issue where messages were not sending between 9 - 10pm if the business settings allowed it has been fixed.
  • A few issues around staff notifications have been fixed up.