Here's all the goodness that's been added to Timely this month!

September 2020 Changelog

Major Feature Release

4 September

  • Optimised Client Login Beta
    • We have optimised the Client Login flow in order to make our client experience best-in-class and even more seamless. With the optimised Client Login flow, we will bring the login process into the middle of the online booking flow, so it feels like a natural SMS authentication step when making a booking. This feature is currently in Beta. Email us at [email protected] if you are interested to join our program.

7 September

  • New staff access options for stock
    • We've added some great new options to staff access, allowing you to control your staff and administrator's access to the stock area of Timely separate from the rest of the Setup area. This includes granular options to control access to products, suppliers and stock ordering. Find out more here.

8 September

  • Timely Consult
    • You are now able to create, and edit your own Consult templates within Timely. This means you can now do this on any device! Find out more here.

New Features & Enhancements

7 September

  • Contact details surfaced on the Suppliers page
    • As part of the new 'View only' option for Suppliers, we have surfaced the contact details for Suppliers on the main page, rather than when you edit a Supplier.

10 September

  • Improvements to resource clash messages/behaviour
    • When rescheduling an appointment on the staff view of the calendar, if rescheduling resulted in a resource clash we would simply inform you of this and double book the resource. Now we will default to the next available resource for that service, and you'll be informed of that on the popup.

24 September

  • Timely iOS app updated to versions 2.9.15 & 2.9.16
    • TimelyPay businesses can now view and delete their clients' saved cards from the iOS app.
    • Businesses can now see product sales history from their clients' records on iOS.
    • We've implemented a state restoration when Square crashes, so it knows how to recover.
    • We've fixed a bug, so that the iOS app allows businesses to upload multiple customer photos again.
    • We've updated our iZettle SDK, so that businesses using iZettle are not logged out every 20 minutes. With this update, account owners need to sign in and approve the app before their staff can sign in.
    • We've made some adjustments to the iOS app, so it's now compatible with iOS 14.

29 September

  • Mailchimp integration updates
    • We've made some visual changes to the Mailchimp setup page, including an On and Off toggle
    • We now support webhooks with Mailchimp, which means we get the most up to date subscription status for a customer from Mailchimp and update the field in Timely
  • New Supplier column on Products page
    • We've added a new 'Supplier' column on the Products page, which means it's now possible to filter the page by Supplier. You can also access a filtered view of the Products page by clicking the hyperlinked number of products next to the supplier on the Suppliers page.

Bug Fixes

7 September

  • Optimised Client Login Bug
    • We fixed a small bug that affects businesses who are part of the Optimised Client Login Beta. Previously, clients will see a flash after they enter the SMS code. This has been fixed now, and the flash is gone.

10 September

  • Timely Consult bugs
    • We fixed a bug where the template title would be covered in the form builder on Safari and Apple devices.
    • We fixed a bug on Android devices, where scrolling the 'Add elements' button won't cause a second button to appear.
    • We now display options on the list component card, so that you can see what options you've written for that question.
  • Bug with resources not properly attaching to bookings
    • We fixed a bug where resources were not being properly allocated to bookings

11 September

  • Colour wheel bug
    • We fixed a bug where on the mobile version of Timely, the colour wheel in services was covering some text.

14 September

  • Error when paying an invoice on iOS
    • We fixed a bug with paying for unpaid invoices on iOS - users were seeing an error message if the invoice had an archived staff member on it.

18 September

  • Broken Invoices on iOS after disconnecting from PayPal
    • Previously, if clients pay for a deposit via Paypal, and the business connects to another gateway afterwards, the iOS app returns an error when attempting to complete the invoice. We’ve fixed this now, so businesses can edit/complete invoices with PayPal deposits on the iOS app.
  • Showing correct location when in Timely Consult library
    • When loading the Timely Consult library, we're now showing it as selected in Setup menu on the left-hand side. This makes it clear to customers where in the setup menu they are.
  • Timely Consult form library not showing
    • Fixed a bug, where sometimes the form library was blank when coming from certain pages.

25 September

  • Kebab menu shifts in form library
    • Previously, when you clicked the kebab menu in the form library, the menu would jump around this is now working as it should.

29 September

  • Product sales tab only showing 20 products
    • We fixed a bug where only 20 products were showing on the Products tab on customer records even if there were more product sales for that customer.