It's September! Look out for some awesome updates coming your way this month!

September 2019 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

3 September

  • Improvements to how the Timely web app works on mobile phones, including a shiny new mobile-friendly navigation menu. This is just the start, expect to see Timely become even more mobile-friendly over the coming months.

5 September

  • Today we've released our brand new Staff activity log, which provides insight into your staff's activities in Timely. The activity log makes it simple to rectify issues and keep your data secure. Find out more here.

18 September

  • The Staff activity log now includes tracking of activity on our iOS app
  • Release to ensure our Apps play nicely with iOS 13 changes - rolling out from today
  • A small improvement to how we handle PDFs uploaded to the client documents area. If you right click on the download button and choose to open in a new tab the PDF will open inside the browser rather than being downloaded to the users computer.

19 September

  • We've updated Timely and Consult apps to ensure it works smoothly on iOS 13.

24 September

  • Multi-part SMS campaigns now generally available for all customers.
  • We also extended SMS campaigns to permissions, so that business owners can delegate to staff members via permission settings.

Bug Fixes

6 September

  • We tidied up an inconsistency with staff access where staff who didn't have access to the Setup area were not able to search for gift vouchers by going to Sales > Search gift vouchers.

24 September

  • We fixed a bug where location information was missing in the appointment description on an invoice when adding other appointments to the sale

30 September

  • We fixed a bug with location-based staff access, whereby staff you had access to only one location were able to view the dashboard and reports for all locations.