We made  a couple of fixes that optimises the performance of your calendar and we fixed a bug with online booking

Performance improvements to calendar and an online booking fix

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar : We had reports of the calendar sometimes crashing for some customers after an extended period of use. We have now fixed that, so your calendar will be operating as and when you use it. Added to that, we improved the response time (the speed it takes) for your calendar to load!
  • Online booking : We fixed a bug that allowed your customers to select a time for online booking even though that time was unable to be booked because the resource was already utilised for that time slot. Thankfully, your customer was unable to make the booking as they would receive an error, but this led to confusion and not a great experience given they were able to select the time in the first place. Now your customer will not be able to select a time for booking if the resource is already booked for that time slot.