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October 2020 Changelog

Major Feature Release

21 October

  • Staff targets preview
    • We have release our brand new Staff targets feature to preview! We are gathering feedback on this first version, so please reach out to us if you have ideas for improvement! Check out the help guides to find out more.

22 October

  • Updated Online Booking with TimelyPay
    • We have made some changes to the online booking flow for businesses using TimelyPay to prompt more of your clients to login. This means faster booking for your clients, saved details and saved cards. For businesses, it means less duplicate clients and access to more TimelyPay features through the ability for clients to save cards. Check out the help guide to find out more.

New Features & Enhancements

2 October

  • Staff access to Consult
    • We’ve released a feature that allows account owners to give their staff access to the form library and builder in Timely Consult.

5 October

  • New Online Payments Settings Page
    • We’ve released a new Online Payment Settings page, which now houses the settings for Cancellations & changes and Online payment terms. For existing Timely businesses, we’ve also added banner notifications on the Online Bookings page to let them know that we’ve moved the aformentioned settings.

9 October

  • Duplicate Consult forms
    • You can now duplicate an existing Consult template. This is helpful for businesses who are wanting to create multiple templates for specific services that have the same basic set of questions, plus service-specific ones. The fastest way to create these is to be able to duplicate a template that has already been created.

15 October

  • Preview templates
    • You can now preview templates in Timely Consult. This means you can see what your template will look like from a client's perspective as you’re building a template and preview the Timely industry templates before going into the template builder.

16 October

  • Test send consultation
    • We’ve released a feature that allows customers new to Consult to test out what their client will experience when receiving a Consult form.

27 October

  • Timely iOS (2.10.0) app is now available:
    • Adhoc staff messages can now be sent from an appointment.
    • TimelyPay now supports partial refunds.
    • Customer address is now visible on appointments for those with restricted permissions.
    • We fixed a bug wherein the booking button on the customer record doesn’t work when you’re on iOS14.
    • We also fixed a sale error where the customer is left with an unpaid for credit.

Bug Fixes

5 October

  • Copy Tweak to the Payment Summary Page on Online Bookings
    • We’ve made a small copy tweak to the payment summary page on online bookings, so that there’s no more full stop between Timelypay and or click "Pay later".

6 October

  • Multiple TimelyPay Payouts on Same Day for Same Amount Throw Error
    • Previously, when a business has multiple payouts on the same day (i.e. they're collected over the weekend and paid out early in the week), and they also have the exact same dollar value, the TimelyPay Transaction History report is throwing an error. This has now been fixed, so the report should be working fine already.
  • Updated Words on the Banner Notification for the Online Payments Page
    • Related to the release of the Online Payments Page yesterday, we’ve updated some words on the banner notifications on the Online Bookings page. The alert now says on the online payments page, and You can edit your terms for cancellations and changes on the new online payments page.

9 October

  • Cancellation policy should show on Build & Schedule plans
    • When we released the new Online Payments page, businesses on Build and Schedule plans were unable to access their cancellation policy from this new page. To fix this, we are now showing the cancellation policy in the Online Bookings page once again for businesses who are on these lower plans.
  • Popover content for deposits as credits is incorrect
    • We have fixed a bug wherein we are showing an incorrect copy on the popover for taking deposits as credits on the Online Payments page.

14 October

  • Popover title for deposits is incorrect
    • Previously, the popover title for the taking deposits as credits said Pay later option. This is incorrect, and we’ve changed this now to say Deposits as customer credit.
  • Broken Validation on Online payments page
    • On the new Online Payments page, the page goes blank when a business requires a deposit but doesn’t put a figure into the deposit text box. We’ve fixed this, so we now show a validation message when it’s blank.
  • Apostrophe on Secure Payment message on Mac
    • On Mac, the apostrophe on the message under the Secure Payment screen when a client makes an online payment has gone wrong. We’ve fixed this now, so the apostrophe shows up correctly.
  • Update Credit Card to TimelyPay on Staff Emails
    • Previously, when we send the Payment Received email to Timely account holders whenever a payment has been received via TimelyPay, the description states Credit Card. When these payments are made via TimelyPay, we’ve changed the label to TimelyPay now in order to avoid confusion from customers.

20 October

  • Refunds through Timely Pay affected Cash Up Amount
    • Previously, when a business refunds through TimelyPay, this also appears on their cash up reports. We’ve fixed this issue now, so that TimelyPay payments don’t show up in cash ups as they're online payments.

23 October

  • Updated Online Booking Flow Flow Bug Fix
    • Previously, when you're opted out of the optimised flow but is a TimelyPay business, we also hid the Client Login settings from the Online Booking page. This has now been fixed, so that their Client Login settings are still shown on their online bookings settings area.