Can you believe it's October!? Here's all the goodies we've released this month.

October 2019 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

25 October

  • We've made a bunch of improvements to our SMS campaigns feature to make them more targeted. You can now filter by:
    • Birthday - send a birthday message to all clients who have a birthday in x month
    • Select multiple staff, services or locations to target your message
    • Extended date range - previously 90 days, now 12 months
    • Choose to send a message only to clients who don't have a future message
  • We improved the way package redemptions work on appointments as part of cashup. Now, if an appointment is fully redeemed by a package it will no longer show as an 'Uninvoiced appointment' when cashing up for the day.

29 October

  • We've made a ton of improvements to help speed up the process of creating a stock order. These include:
    • Easily find and add all the products from a supplier to an order
    • Add an Ideal stock level to your products so Timely can automatically calculate how much you need to get your stock levels healthy again!
    • Quickly find all your products that are below their alert or ideal levels and add them to an order
    • Restore your last unfinished order, a little safeguard so you don't lose a half-filled out order by mistake.
    • We now show the current stock level, cost price, and total price for each line on your order, to make it easier to determine which products should be included.
    • A new order review step to allow a chance to double-check the details and quantities in the order.

Bug Fixes

1 October

  • We fixed a bug with staff access to specific locations, whereby staff were getting the 'All locations' dropdown when running reports, instead of only the locations they had access to
  • We also tidied up the Customer gift voucher details report, removing an extra 'Status' dropdown
  • Businesses in the UK have a new way to recognise VAT on Gift Vouchers. In line with HMRC guidelines, VAT is now recognised at the point of sale, rather than at the point of redemption. You can read more about the new Gift Voucher settings here.

10 October

  • We fixed a bug where a couple of our Customer reports (Deleted customers report, Duplicate customers report) were not showing all records when running the report from the Reports Summary page
  • We fixed a bug with the Stock movement report where columns were filtering inconsistently
  • We fixed a bug with the Cashup reports where the location/register name was missing

14 October

  • We've fixed a number of bugs in our latest Timely iOS 2.9.1 app release:
    • UPC-A style barcodes will now scan properly
    • Edit notes field no longer obscured by the keyboard
    • Multi-service appointment reminders now uses the correct start time of the appointment, rather than the service
  • We've also fixed a bug on our Consult app where forms are not being shared properly when you select 'Share with business'

16 October

  • Prevent service from being deleted when there are outstanding packages to be redeemed.
  • We fixed up an issue with Online Booking that was opting clients out of email marketing if they didn't opt in every time they booked. Now the marketing tick box in Online Booking can only opt client into your marketing, not opt them out.

25 October

  • We fixed a bug on our iOS app where staff weren't able to move their own breaks despite having the correct permissions
  • We fixed a bug where sometimes padding times within service groups were not always being respected

29 October

  • We've fixed a number of bugs in our latest Timely iOS 2.9.2 app release:
    • Back button on customer search screen covered by an overlay on iPhones
    • Messages view is broken when user doesn't have permissions for Sales on iPhones
    • App crashes when it wakes up from the background on some iPhones
    • Square payments: added ability to force complete when payment is successful in Square but fails to notify Timely

30 October

  • When a location/register is deleted, we now move the user to the next valid register so that they are not stuck in an invalid state.
  • We've also fixed the merging of customer profiles so that profiles that has documents/photos will continue to display.