We're closing in on Christmas! Here's all the goodness that's been released to Timely during November.

November 2020 Changelog

Major Feature Release

4 November

  • Cardless Checkout on TimelyPay
    • Cardless Checkout is now available for all TimelyPay customers. This means that all businesses using TimelyPay can now start taking payments against a saved card at checkout and make saving a card mandatory for clients when making a booking or payment online. Find out more about Cardless Checkout here.

23 November

  • TimelyPay in Europe
    • TimelyPay is now available for businesses in Europe. We are currently trialling this with a few European customers. Find out more about which European countries are TimelyPay is available at here.

New Features & Enhancements

4 November

  • Staff targets report
    • We've released a brand new report to keep track of your staff's progress towards their targets. The report shows the actual result vs the target, as well as the difference and percentage change from the previous period. Find out more about staff targets here.
  • Targets dashboard permissions
    • We've introduced new permissions to control access to the Targets dashboard for your staff. The Dashboard section of the Staff access page has also had a lick of paint, introducing simple 'All access', 'Some access' and 'No access' permission levels. The 'Some access' permission level can be further narrowed down to make sure your staff only see what you want them to see. Find out more.

11 November

  • My Cards Link of Client Login
    • We have added the My Cards link on Client Login under the Online Bookings page. Now, TimelyPay businesses can quickly copy and paste this link when they share it with their clients.

12 November

  • New Sales rates targets
    • We added in the ability to set up sales rates ($/hr) targets to the Staff targets feature.

20 November

  • Updates to the Transaction summary report
    • We made some changes to the Transaction summary report to include more useful data around payments. There is now a link to the invoice that the payment is on, as well as two new columns - Register and Location. You can also now filter the report by Payment type.

26 November

  • Allow editing of statement descriptor from Timely for customers
    • We have added a feature to allow TimelyPay businesses to view and edit their statement descriptors if they want to, so they appear more professional and can hopefully reduce the risks of disputes.

27 November

  • New Client marketing report
    • We've added a new Client marketing report to Timely, which shows a list of your clients and their subscription status for email and SMS marketing.

Bug Fixes

4 November

  •  Failing Pin Payments Transactions
    • We’ve fixed the issue with some Pin Payments transactions failing due to missing email parameters. Businesses using Pin Payments should be able to process online payment transactions again normally.

10 November

  • Stock menu items not showing under Setup menu
    • We fixed a bug where the stock menu items were not showing up on the Setup menu for staff who had full access to stock but limited access to Setup
  • Staff targets permissions
    • We fixed a few small bugs with staff targets permissions where certain elements weren't showing on the page

20 November

  • Staff member with pin access only able to set up a password
    • We fixed a bug where if a staff member originally had email and pin access and received their password setup email, if you then switched them to pin access they could still use the password setup email if they were quick enough

24 November

  • Card Capture Setting Override
    • We have just fixed a bug where, if you had Card Capture enabled, your global payment terms were set to  Do not accept online payments  and a service that requires an online payment, we weren't respecting that override.

26 November

  • Zero amounts entered into online deposits field in settings page
    • We have fixed a bug wherein card capture is not being required from logged in clients if their online deposits are set to 0.  This has now been resolved, so that we are showing a different validation message to explicitly let the business know that they have to enter a value greater than 0.
  • Statement descriptor is being set to facebook.com for new TimelyPay accounts
    • There are some businesses signing up with TimelyPay who are having their statement descriptors set to www.facebook.com. We have fixed this now, so that when businesses are signing up to TimelyPay, we prevent the term www.facebook.com from being set as the statement descriptor and force it to use their Timely business name instead.