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November 2019 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

11 November

  • Visible padding time on the calendar! - It has been a long time coming but it is finally here! 🙌 From today you are able to choose to see your service padding times show up alongside your bookings on the calendar. In addition, we now also show a description of the padding time applied when you click on a booking. Head over to Setup > Calendar settings to turn this on for your account.
  • Tell Vend to use the correct prices for sales passed to Vend - When the sale is passed to Vend, the service prices will be those specified in Timely.

12 November

    • Longer automated SMS messages - From today we've extended the character length of our automated SMS messages! Messages can now consist of over 400 characters (actual character limits vary per message due to placeholders and appended text). Multi-part messages will be charged as either 1, 2 or 3 messages from your plan quota.

28 November

  • Earlier in the year, we released a round of changes aimed at making the main Timely website work better on mobile devices, this is the next round of improvements!   These include :
    • Making the appointment creation/editing flow work better at mobile sizes
    • Making raising a sale work better at mobile sizes
    • A more responsive customer area
    • A more responsive messages area
    • More responsive tables throughout
    • Giving Android phone users a responsive experience rather than the current zoomed out view they currently get.
    • More responsive popovers

29 November

  • Update Quickbooks integration for new customers - we were required to update our Quickbooks integration by 17 December. We have done this work and any new customers using Quickbooks will authenticate using version 2.0

Bug Fixes

6 November

  • Fix changing appointments when clients sees the times in their own timezone - This was a tricky little bug where the times we showed clients using the booking change links could be incorrect if the business had the Allow customers to book in their local time zone setting enabled. Fixed

7 November

  • SMS campaigns - We fixed a bug where customers were seeing a blank screen if they progressed to the Write message step without selecting any filters. There were also some isolated incidents where customers got a blank screen on the final screen. Both are now fixed up!

22 November

  • SMS campaigns - We fixed a bug where the Birthday checkbox was not staying checked when using the Safari browser
  • SMS campaigns - We tidied up the Select services popup to fix the Cancel button, which previously was just saving the preferences instead of cancelling
  • Activity log - A bug with viewing customers from the Activity log was fixed

26 November

  • Create sale - We fixed a bug where line item discounts were appearing at the bottom of the invoice, not after the line they were applied to

29 November

  • Customer outstanding balance calculation does not include refund payments but statement for sales does - this has been fixed and we've also made it clearer in the statement of sales where a there is a refund payment line item