Customers will now be able to click an Arrived status on their appointment modals so they can track which clients have arrived against each staff member and appointment. We also fixed a bug for online booking.

New Arrived status and bug fix online bookings

New Features & Enhancements

Arrived status On the appointment modal, customers will now be able to click ‘arrived’ on the web App as a primary call to action. Particularly useful for larger customers who want to keep track of who is in their salon against the scheduled appointments. This was a key request from one of our ambassadors - Off&On and a frequent request from customers we visited.

Bug Fixes

Online booking We fixed a nasty little bug that popped up relating to a fix with respect to rostering. Now instead of being able to book a staff member who is not rostered but was in the past, it became possible to select that staff member but would display the calendar of another staff member. The client would end up making a booking for the wrong staff members calendar.