We're working hard on optimising your calendar via online booking and we've now released the ability to merge multiple services into a calendar that are surrounded by bookings. We have an animation below that illustrates this for you.

Merging multiple service bookings into your calendar plus more

Optimising multiple service bookings

Now your customers will be able to book multiple services that can merge into gaps in your calendar which are surrounded by other services. This ensures your calendar will be fully optimised with bookings as customers book multiple services.

This applies to multiple services that your customers may wish to book as well as service groups.

Service groups are a great way to collate multiple services into one package which your customers can book with minimal fuss.

This image below illustrates how merging multiple services optimises your calendar.

Cash up for iPad and iPhone

We have also released our cash up feature for the iPad and iPhone.

With our new cash up feature you’ll be able to easily reconcile your actuals for the day with your expected revenue from sales. You’ll also be able to carry cash over, so that your cash register is all ready to go for the next day!

Creating multiple appointments for your customers on iPad

We fixed an annoying little bug that fixes up our book next function on the iPad. After creating a new appointment by tapping ‘book next’, when wishing to create a further subsequent appointment by tapping ‘book next’ it would take you back to the original appointment. It now remains on the date from which you wish to create a new appointment rather than taking you all the way back to the beginning.