It's May! Here's all the updates we've released this month.

May 2020 Changelog

Major Feature Release

05 May

  • New Facebook and Instagram integration
    • We have partnered with Facebook to bring you a brand new way to connect your Timely online bookings to your Facebook and Instagram pages! Easily set up your connection with a simple wizard and you're ready to go! Call to action buttons will automatically be added to your Facebook business page and Instagram business profile. Find out more here.

New Features & Enhancements

05 May

  • Mini website - new design!
    • We've given the mini-website a lick of paint, with a design and layout overhaul!
    • New mobile-friendly navigation
    • Usability and accessibility improvements
  • Improved user experience when a client tries to book an already booked time slot
    • Previously a client would get to the final step of the online booking process and see a message stating their time had been booked out. Now they will be directed them back to the time selection step so they can immediately choose a new time.
  • Improvements to the inactive online bookings page
    • On the page shown to clients when a business has their online bookings turned off we were showing the businesses account email address as a method for clients to use to contact the business. This wasn't great as that email isn't always appropriate for sharing publically, and with the extra functionality added to that page recently businesses now have better ways of adding contact options. Along with that change we did a little further cleaning up of the design and made the default text take into account whether the business had social media accounts linked to their business.

14 May

  • Updated on-screen instructions when setting up TimelyPay
    • We have made some changes to to the on-screen instructions when setting up TimelyPay, so businesses get more clarity on the account type that is best suited for them. We have also added a warning message at the bottom of the screen to ensure that they understand that their business name, address and name on Stripe match the docs they will provide.

21 May

  • TimelyPay Refunds
    • This feature allows businesses to issue full TimelyPay refunds within their Timely account on the web.

25 May

  • Updated TimelyPay deactivation process
    • We’ve added a warning text when TimelyPay businesses deactivate their TimelyPay account, so we can decrease the chances of them accidentally deactivating their account. We now also ask them for their reason for deactivating, so we can use this information to improve our product.

Bug Fixes

01 May

  • Weekend dates not showing in the Transaction History of TimelyPay
    • Previously, if a business signs up to TimelyPay less than 7 days ago, the transaction history will only show payments made this week, regardless of which calendar week they’re in. We’ve fixed this now, so it retrospectively shows all payment transactions made in the previous weeks too.
  • Custom text not showing in a gift voucher sale when using TimelyPay 
    • Previously, the custom text on the payments page, only appears for online booking sales. We’ve fixed this now to appear on gift voucher sales too when a payment is made using TimelyPay.
  • Dropdown menu added when selecting a consultation to send to a client
    • You no longer need to remember what the name of your consultation is, you can simply select from the dropdown menu.

04 May

  • Fixed how store credits are redeemed
    • When redeeming store credits, the rules around which credit is selected was unpredictable and in many cases the credit that is about to expire is not being used up on the order of preference. We've fixed up the logic so it respects the rules by picking the ones that will expire sooner and is a smaller amount first.

05 May

  • Fix the empty box showing on online bookings
    • An empty box was showing in the right hand column of the online booking process for single location businesses. This will now show the location at all times.
  • Prevent the gift voucher purchase page from showing for accounts that are on hold
    • This is a change to make sure that, just like online bookings, the gift voucher purchase page isn't accessible when a business isn't currently active (or trialling).

07 May

  • Bugs fixed with Consult for web
    • Fixed padding on consult form titles (preventing the title overlapping the back arrrow)
    • Fixed the text block component missing from View Consult screen
    • Removed the Client login enabled check. This means client login profiles are deleted when the client is deleted
    • Added a new Covid-19 consultation form template

08 May

  • Consult for web form bug fix
    • We fixed up some issues with 'required' and 'optional' fields in the web version of Consult
    • Updated the Covid Consult template to add a mobile and address field. We also added symptoms based on WHO guidelines

14 May

  • TimelyPay gets deactivated when updating email address on Timely
    • Previously, when a business updates their email address on Timely, their TimelyPay account gets deactivated in the process. This has now been fixed, so that if a business changes their email address, we are still keeping their TimelyPay account.

19 May

  • Booking stats on dashboard incorrectly reporting classes
    • The number of appointments were incorrectly reporting the total participants in a class instead of the number of classes booked. This is now fixed so it is correctly reporting the booking stats on the dashboard.
  • Customer notes out of order in Day sheet report
    • We had reports from a few customers that the customer notes are not being displayed chronologically in the Day sheet report. This turned out to be caused by bulk imported notes. We have fixed this now. Customer notes will be displayed from latest to oldest.

21 May

  • Syncing of client details from a consultation form sent to a client
    • Previously, client details weren't updated when they were changed in a consultation form, now they'll be synched and updated in Timely

25 May

  • Syncing an invoice from Timely to MYOB
    • We fixed a bug that affects businesses who are using MYOB. Previously, when syncing an invoice from Timely to MYOB, the payment date on the invoice does not transfer correctly if it is backdated. This is now resolved, so that the payment date on the Timely invoice is correctly synced on MYOB.

26 May

  • Unable to view invoices and customers from the TimelyPay transaction viewer
    • We fixed a bug preventing TimelyPay businesses to view the associated invoice and customer from their transactions on the TimelyPay transaction viewer. This bug has been fixed now, so businesses should be able to view the associated invoice and customer from their TimelyPay transaction viewer like before.