It's May! Check out our exciting features released this month!

May 2019 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

03 May

  • New user permissions - restrict staff from deleting sale/payments: As we are aware that some customers require a higher level of audit trails. We used to allow staff to delete sales/payments, and to help tighten that up, we have introduced a new user permission for staff. Simply head to Staff access > Sales and you will see the checkbox "Can delete payments and invoices". As part of the rollout, all existing users will retain the ability to delete sales & payments. However, new users created will not have that checkbox ticked by default.
  • Make online bookings adapt better at smaller laptop screen sizes. The design will now shrink to work nicely for screens below 1024 x 768 resolution (or when clients have their browser heavily zoomed in).

10 May

  • New onboarding experience for new businesses. We've said goodbye to our old setup wizard and now have a more interactive flow to guide new users through their first Timely experience.
  • New registrations will now start off with three default services available.

22 May

  • Sitewide performance improvements released, resulting in a faster and more snappy Timely experience!

24 May

  • New currency option available, the Myanmar Kyat.
  • We've released V2 of our Consult App and it's fair to say we're super excited. Here's just some of the new awesomeness:
    • An incredible new form builder that allows you to easily create beautiful consultation templates that perfectly meet the needs of your customers
    • A new expert library that houses our partner Dario's consultation form
    • A range of industry templates to get you started
    • Deep integration with Timely that syncs details in both directions to easily manage client details on the go
    • Business syncing and a special locked down staff view to provide salon owners full control over the consultations being performed by their staff

Bug Fixes

03 May

  • Online booking - available time slot locking to a staff when "No preference" selected: When the client selects 'No preference' for staff when booking online, we randomly select a staff member. If they click back, to go to the previous flow, then the randomly selected staff member is still selected and only their times will show. We have fixed this so that when client clicks back, it resets the randomly chosen staff member
  • Made sure that Solo businesses are always able to add more staff members if they choose to.

15 May

  • Fixed a display issue where sometimes the Pay with PayPal button wouldn't show in the right position when purchasing a gift voucher.

17 May

  • Fixed an issue where the available hours shown on the Productivity graph on the staff member dashboard could occasionally be incorrect.

24 May

  • A fix to ensure that when re-invoicing an appointment all of the correct services will show up on the new invoice.