We're halfway through the 2020! Check out what's new this month!

June 2020 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

02 June

  • Waitlists
    • We released a waitlists feature for those on the Elevate and Innovate package
    • You're able to add a client to the waitlist, remove a client from the waitlist and create an appointment on the calendar from the waitlist

03 June

  • Improved Gift Voucher search 
    • Leaving spaces at the start or end of a gift vocher code will no longer affect whether we can find the right gift voucher

04 June

  • Timely iOS app update (2.9.9)
    • Video call links are now supported for enabled services
    • Minor update to Square payment integration
  • Improved performance for online bookings
    • Finding available time slots for clients should happen much snappier now, especially when multi-staff online booking is enabled.

10 June

    • Pin switching: Regenerate a PIN
      • We made it possible to regenerate a PIN when using pin switching. If a staff member's pin has been compromised, Timely can now generate a new pin fort them.

15 June

  • Timely iOS app update (2.9.10)
    • We added search to the service selector so you can find the service from your list faster

16 June

  • Rewards - ability to exclude specific products from collecting points
    • You can now choose specific products  to exclude from collecting points. This allows you to have more control over how you reward your clients.

17 June

  • Improvements to the TimelyPay Transaction Viewer
    • We replaced the current transaction viewer on TimelyPay to have payout dates instead of weeks on the drop down date. This transaction viewer now also shows the customer and invoice associated to the transaction and the totals for the selected payout period.

18 June

  • Beta release for taking online deposits as customer credits
    • This is the first iteration of a new, smarter way to handle deposits inside Timely. With the setting enabled online payments are recorded as a type of customer credit against the clients record and can then be added to the sale during checkout. This avoids sales being raised for appointments at the time of booking and will allow for more accurate sales and commission reporting.

19 June

  • Improvements to the Transaction Summary Report
    • To help businesses differentiate credit card transactions coming from TimelyPay vs. those taken at card terminals, we've made some improvements to the Transaction Summary report, so they can now see 'TimelyPay' under the 'Payment summary' section and 'TimelyPay' under the 'Processed by' column when the transaction is made via TimelyPay.
  • New 'View more' button on Messages page
    • Previously it was only possible to see the 100 most recent messages in your SMS inbox and Sent messages page. There is now a 'View more' button which will show you another 100 messages! This button can be used to go as far back in your message history as you like.
  • Timely iOS app update (2.9.11)
    • We've updated our logs to help provide you with better support.

22 June

  • Tidy up Rewards terminologies used in app
    • Rewards voucher is now refereed to as Rewards
    • Points balance are now displayed in the format $ reward ( x points).

24 June

  • New password requirement and strength indicator
    • We have made a small change to our password requirements for your Timely account. Passwords will now be required to contain 12 characters. We have also added a strength indicator to help you create a strong password to protect your business data.
  • Improved layout for the optimise your calendar and booking option sections of the online booking settings page.
  • Making it more noticeable when the staff assigned to a booking is not the staff requested
    • We have made it clearer when you click on a booking on the calendar when the staff member currently assigned is different from what the client requests.
    • We have also introduced a new warning when you drag an appointment to a new staff column, to ensure the person dragging the booking is aware if the new staff member doesn't match the client's preference.

29 June

  • Timely iOS app update (2.9.12)
    • We've improved how we display Rewards balances
    • Selected resources are retained when editing appointments
    • Added a fix to prevent logouts from occurring sporadically

Bug Fixes

04 June

  • We fixed an issue so that we can ensure the right staff members are included when a multi-staff online booking is made.

08 June

  • We fixed an issue so that the video call icon shows up on the calendar as soon as a video call service is added to an appointment.

09 June

  • We updated rounding on Rewards points so there is no points discrepancy.

17 June

  • In certain scenarios with multi-staff and minimise gaps enabled the processing time in between services wasn't always being included when calculating whether a slot was available, now fixed.
  • We fixed an issue where, with multi-staff enabled when booking service groups online, sometimes the slots shown were not actually able to be booked.
  • We fixed an issue where padding time wasn't always being considered correctly during online booking.

19 June

  • We fixed an issue with the iOS app where businesses were having sporadic issues with pin switching not working.
  • We fixed an issue where the order of services booked didn't always match the order shown on the services settings page if the booking included service groups.
  • We fixed a visual issue with the beta version of the searchable service selector on the appointment creation/edit screen.

13 June

  • We made a fix that ensures the times displayed in the booking summary during online booking are always in the correct timezone.

25 June

  • Long SMS replies character limit extended 
    • At times, clients replies to SMS are exceeds 160 characters. For some carriers, the replies are automatically broken into multiple 160 character parts. However, for some it cuts off at 160 characters. We have extended the limit so that long replies are not cut off.

26 June

  • Client Login navigation bar shown twice
    • Previously, if a logged in client cancels a booking and makes a new one, the top navigation bar gets duplicated. This is now fixed, so it’s only ever shown once.
  • Warning message for Vend users who want to use TimelyPay
    • We are now showing a warning message to businesses who have a Vend integration on their Add Ons page, so that they will not be able to set up a TimelyPay account if they have Vend set up and vice versa.
  • Removing online payments links if on Build plan
    • Previously, if a business is on trial, Elevate or Innovate and downgrades to a Build plan, we are still showing the online payments link during the sales flow and when emailing invoices. This has now been fixed, so that when a business downgrades to a Build plan, the online payment links are removed.

30 June

  • Rewards points adjusted when refunding an invoice via iOS app
    • We've fixed an issue where Rewards points weren't being removed when a refund was made through the iOS app. It is now doing what it should.