It's June! Check out exciting updates we've released this month.

June 2019 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

05 June

  • For customers who take online payments, we've reduced the booking hold duration from 60 minutes down to 10 minutes. This should still give clients plenty of time to complete their booking. If they abandon the process, the time-slot will be available to another client much faster
  • We've also made the collection of SMS marketing consent explicit on the online booking form for customers in GDPR countries. More SMS goodness to come soon!
  • We've released a revamped version of our Dashboard! You'll see a bunch of exciting changes here, including:
    • Better performing graphs
    • A new top section with key figures and how they have changed over the previous period
    • New look Staff overview
    • New 'Average $ per hour' figure, which replaces the old Average per appointment figure. This shows the amount of revenue that staff member is bringing to your business per rostered hour
    • NEW date range options, including Day, Week, Month and Year. These show the current date, week, month or year to date

07 June

  • We've added the ability to filter the Stock levels and Stock movement reports by Supplier

17 June

  • Customers with multiple locations can now re-order locations by dragging and dropping locations in the location set-up area.

27 June

  • Easier tracking with Google Tag Manager, this change is focused on allowing our GTM using businesses to more easily track their clients progress through online booking. Along with this change we now also pass GTM purchase information on a successful booking, allowing for much easier conversion tracking, especially with a Facebook Pixel. For more information check out our new Google Tag Manager help docs.