It's July! We have some super duper exciting updates this month...

July 2019 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

3 July

  • We've levelled up messages in this update! With our beautiful new messages view you can now easily see a count of any unread messages in the iOS app, quickly see a full message history, and mark them as read or unread.
  • We now have product recommendations added to the iOS point of sale so you can upsell based on your customer's previous purchases.
  • We've improved our Beta Square integration - get in touch with us if you'd like to try it out!

9 July

  • We've now added a supplier filter to the product sales report so you can now analyse product sales by supplier

10 July

  • Targeted SMS campaigns is now available to customers on the Elevate and Innovate plans. It's easy to apply filters on your customer list so you can send SMS campaigns to specific groups of customers. We also have more improvements planned for this feature, which will be rolled out soon!

11 July

  • You can now choose to restrict who has the ability to amend unit prices at point of sale. You'll find a new setting under 'Sales' in Staff Access called 'can edit prices on the sale', just check or uncheck the box as required to restrict this permission across both the Web and the iOS app

12 July - Consult Update

  • You can now mark up images during a consultation. Either set a photo or image within your consultation template or add an image during the consultation for your specific client. You can choose from a number of colours and line weights to help track symptoms, products and services.

16 July

  • You can now use your camera to scan barcodes when selling products in iOS! Perfect for completing transactions on the go, just tap the barcode icon in the sales screen to turn on the scanner.
  • We’re speeding up cash sales in iOS with new Quick Cash buttons! For each transaction, we’ll suggest some cash values you might be handed by your client. Just tap the right one to process a cash sale and we’ll tell you the change due.
  • We’ve added a new setting to restrict who has the ability to edit the prices of products and services during the sales flow. You’ll find a new tick box in Staff settings that controls this permission across both iOS and web.

17 July

We're delighted to announce that you can now receive in stock orders! This is a big release with a bunch of goodness. Here are some details of this release:
  • You can quickly and simply mark stock orders as received and have all the quantities of the associated products updated automatically!
Along with this headline change there are a ton of little wins included:
  • A redesigned stock order page that now includes a detailed audit log showing the full history of an order
  • The ability to make copies of existing orders
  • The ability to edit orders
  • The ability to hide SKUs and prices from the order sent to the supplier
  • The addition of Product Codes where you can provide suppliers with Product Codes without relying on the existing SKU field.
  • Redesigned stock order list with pagination
  • The ability to make adjustments during the receiving process
  • The ability to cancel an order
  • The ability to restore an order
Key benefits
  • Update your inventory with a single click when stock orders arrive.
  • Provide suppliers with Product Codes without relying on the existing SKU field.
  • Reorder from your suppliers with ease.
  • Comprehensive auditing for complete visibility over your inventory movements

29 July

  • Collecting SMS marketing consent is now easier! For our customers in the UK, you'll see a new checkbox to collect their consent when you add a new client. This update is on both the web & iOS app.
  • Customer imports template is also updated to handle SMS consent, so you can set the collected consent if you are bulk import customers into Timely.

30 July

  • We've added a new alert when making appointments to highlight if a staff member is not working/not rostered on at the time of the service they have allocated.
  • We added the ability to filter your stock order list by: Received, Open, and Cancelled orders

Bug Fixes

9 July

  • We fixed a bug with the Add staff balloon where it was showing $0 instead of the cost of the staff member
  • We fixed a bug where the Customers page was timing out when the customer had bookings at a deleted location

16 July

  • We fixed a bug where the SMS numbers of clients were being cleared when an appointment was added via the mobile version of Timely, by a staff member who didn't have access to the customer database
  • Some Paypal invoices were incorrectly removed due to Paypal taking longer than 10 minutes to confirm payment for online booking payments. We applied a fix to ensure the link between booking and invoice continue to persist.

22 July

  • We identified an issue where a few SMS campaigns were silently failing. We manually triggered the campaigns so customers were not affected. Shortly after, we fixed the issue and added additional validation to ensure it doesn't happen again.

26 July

  • A bug that was throwing an error when switching from monthly to annual billing was fixed
  • We tidied up a bug where cancelled accounts had the account cancellation reason parsed into the online booking cancellation field