Happy New Year! We're kicking off 2021 with these new releases!

January 2021 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

26 January

  • PCI Compliance- Online Payment Gateways
    • We have now updated our Spreedly integration to offload card collection to a Spreedly-hosted form, making our online payment gateways on Spreedly PCI-compliant. As part of this deploy, clients will now need to add their name on the card as part of the payment process as this is a required step from the new Spreedly-hosted form that we are using.

27 January

  • Changed terminology for voiding sales/payments from Delete > Void
    • We made a small wording tweak on sales and payments to be better in line with what is actually happening. This now shows 'Void' instead of 'Delete'.
  • New Voided sales and Voided payments reports
    • We've added two new reports to Timely for you to keep track of sales and payments that have been voided. Check out the help guide for more.

Bug Fixes

20 January

  • Card Capture with different payment terms on multiple services not requiring payment
    • Previously, if a business is using TimelyPay, has Card Capture enabled and different payment terms on multiple services, clients making a booking online were not required to make a payment. This issue is now fixed, and clients of affected businesses should be able to make a payment online without any problems.
  • SMS reminders being sent from on-hold accounts
    • We fixed up a bug where accounts that were placed on hold were still sending SMS reminders out to clients.

26 January

  • Captured cards failing to save on some devices
    • We’ve had a few reports from TimelyPay customers wherein their clients’ credit cards are failing to save on some devices. To fix this, we did some compatibility fixes to help play nicely with older browsers.

28 January

  • Pin Payments transactions failing due to missing email parameters
    • We've fixed an issue with Pin Payments transactions failing that re-occurred due to missing email parameters. Businesses using Pin Payments should be able to process online payment transactions again normally.