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January 2020 Changelog

Bug Fixes

6 January

  • Fixes to a couple pesky bugs on Timely iOS app (2.9.3)
    • Ability to mark multiple messages as read
    • Respect user permissions to restrict ability to update roster

8 January

  • Online booking: Redeeming gift voucher code containing "/ " We fixed this so that gift voucher codes with / is now accepted
  • Online booking: Extend character limit for gift voucher redemption The character limit on gift voucher redemption was inconsistent with web & iOS app, so we've now made it all the same.

28 January

  • Long template names on Consult iOS app (2.2.2) On some devices where there are long template names, the menu is obscured so you cannot edit the template. This is now fixed so you can access the menu.