Today we're excited to release a huge new update for our native app for iPad and iPhone, which includes our brand new point of sale.

iOS app v2: Point of sale is here!

Timely point of sale makes it simple to raise sales, apply discounts, apply payments or request online payment with a few taps. Connect your Wifi, LAN, or Bluetooth printer or cash drawer to the app for a seamless front desk experience for your clients.

Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Raising a sale from appointments
  • Adding products to a sale
  • Adding walk-in/upsold services to a sale
  • Add future/past appointments to a sale
  • Apply a payment to a sale or place on account
  • Request online payment/email an invoice to a customer

We’ve got some awesome new features to support our new point-of-sale coming up, too! We’ll make plenty of noise about it, but keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Credit notes / refunds
  • Cash-up (reconcile daily takings)
  • Payment terminal integration in New Zealand, Australia and the United States
  • Barcode scanning for products
  • Improved stock management

Check out the blog post for more information!