It's February! Here's all the awesome stuff we've added to Timely this month.

February 2021 Changelog

Major Feature Release

17 February

  • No-Show Protection on TimelyPay
    • TimelyPay businesses will now be able to set a Fixed amount or Percentage of their service for their no-show/cancellation fees and take payments against clients’ saved cards to charge no-show/cancellation fees. This does not work on the new checkout flow yet. Check out this help doc to learn more about it.

New Features & Enhancements

17 February

  • Updates to the Unpaid invoices report
    • We made some changes to the Unpaid invoices report to reflect if invoices are for deposits or not. This only works with the new deposits.

Bug Fixes

2 February

  • Overdue accounts not able to send ad-hoc SMS
    • We fixed an issue where accounts with an overdue status were unable to send ad-hoc SMS to their clients
  • Broken pagination when viewing client product sales
    • When clicking to view more product sales for a client from the customer sidebar, the pagination was broken. This is now working correctly
  • Rebooking reminders sending to deleted clients
    • We fixed an issue where rebooking reminders were being sent to clients that had been deleted
  • Text tidy up when editing staff access
    • We tidied up a label on the Edit staff access page where we were still using the word 'delete' instead of 'void' for sales and payments

3 February

  • Disable pay button once clicked
    • We’ve fixed a bug, so that the Pay button is now disabled once it has been clicked when a client is using any payment gateway on Spreedly.
  • No Online Bookings payment timeout expire emails being sent for TimelyPay
    • We’ve fixed a bug that’s preventing online booking payment timeout expiry emails from being sent out when the business is using TimelyPay.

10 February

  • TimelyPay Transaction History page for monthly payouts
    • We fixed a bug related to the TimelyPay Transaction History page. Previously, if a business is on a monthly payout, this causes null references on their Transaction History page. We’ve fixed it now, so affected businesses should be able to use their Transaction History Page smoothly.

17 February

  • Cardless Checkout on the iOS app
    • We’ve fixed a bug on the Cardless Checkout that’s affecting TimelyPay customers who are using the old deposits on the iOS app. Previously, this would throw an error when they checkout, but this has been fixed now, so they can now use the iOS app to checkout normally.
  • Tax not calculating correctly on Executive Summary
    • We fixed a bug where tax was not calculating correctly on the Executive summary report when using the 'Includes tax' checkbox
  • Transaction summary report account owner transactions
    • We fixed a bug where transactions processed by the account owner were not displaying correctly