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February 2020 Changelog

Major Feature Release

18 February

  • Client login is here! Out to a beta group of customers
    • Client Login is a way to confirm your client's identity online to give them access to extra features in Online Booking. If you would like to be a part of our beta please get in touch with us at [email protected] You can read more about Client Login here.

New Features & Enhancements

04 February

  • Updates to our iOS App
    • One off SMS message character limit has been extended so you can send longer messages to your clients!

05 February

  • Improved navbar on mobile
    • We've added the quick sale menu when using Timely on your mobile device. This means you can now quickly sell a product, walk-in service, gift voucher, or credit with just a couple of taps on your phone. We've also improved how the user/help etc menus behave at small sizes as well.

10 February

  • SMS Campaigns : date range improvements
    • It's now possible to select clients from up to 2 years in the past
    • It's also possible to select a date range of your choosing to target specific customers

14 February

  • Make sure the recommended order quantity is always a whole number
    • We don't currently support ordering fractional quantities of products via stock ordering so this little change ensures we always suggest a whole number during the order creation

18 February

  • Display alert if SMS numbers are duplicates
    • If the SMS number is a match to an existing SMS number then we will display an alert. Client login profiles are linked to the clients SMS number, so it is important these are unique. This piece of work goes a long way ensuring client data integrity is maintained.

Bug Fixes

04 February

  • Printing an invoice from the 'View invoices' page doesn't work for thermal invoices
    • If the printer is set to the thermal option the wrong receipt format is outputted from the 'View invoices' screen. This is now fixed.
  • Rogue tool-tip message displaying on creating a sale
    • A bit of ugliness when a sale was being created from the "Create invoices" page - where a tooltip would appear saying, "As the package has been redeemed against this service the price is set to $0." This is now fixed.

05 February

  • Fix the customer search field and button
    • Somewhere along the way the search box had shrunk, now fixed.
  • Stop keyboard interfering with the appointment modal in landscape
    • On tablets in landscape mode when the onscreen keyboard appeared it could muck up the appointment modal, now sorted.

12 February

  • Appointment address update is not recorded in appointment history
    • We now record this update on the Appointment history, and also the action is logged on the staff activity log.

24 February

  • Endless loop editing Customer SMS Reminders
    • Some customers were unable to edit their SMS reminders when they changed the time of sending to 1 day prior to X hours. It would cause an endless loop of editing rather than saving their new message.
  • Location address truncated in SMS reminder message
    • This was caused because we an arbitrary character limit on the location placeholder name of 40 characters. This has been fixed

26 February

  • Ensuring service group service durations are correct when booked via OB
    • This fix makes sure that when the durations and padding times are overridden within a service group that we use those overrides when an appointment is created via online bookings instead of the durations specified on the underlying service
  • Staff with restricted location access will no longer be able to view stock orders from other locations.
    • This is a further iteration of work that respects location access

28 February

  • Cashup Detail Report - Payment dates show as a day behind
    • This was caused by the timezone adjustment for the date only payment date. We no longer check where the payment date is set. We simply display the correct payment date on the report.
  • Send to customers with no previous appointments not working on followup SMS messages
    • Again a timezone issue where the start time was not being stored in UTC time