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February 2020

New Features & Enhancements

04 February

  • Updates to our iOS App
    • One off SMS message character limit has been extended so you can send longer messages to your clients!

05 February

  • Improved navbar on mobile
    • We've added the quick sale menu when using Timely on your mobile device. This means you can now quickly sell a product, walk-in service, gift voucher, or credit with just a couple of taps on your phone. We've also improved how the user/help etc menus behave at small sizes as well.

10 February

  • SMS Campaigns : date range improvements
    • It's now possible to select clients from up to 2 years in the past
    • It's also possible to select a date range of your choosing to target specific customers

Bug Fixes

04 February

  • Printing an invoice from the 'View invoices' page doesn't work for thermal invoices
    • If the printer is set to the thermal option the wrong receipt format is outputted from the 'View invoices' screen. This is now fixed.
  • Rogue tool-tip message displaying on creating a sale
    • A bit of ugliness when a sale was being created from the "Create invoices" page - where a tooltip would appear saying, "As the package has been redeemed against this service the price is set to $0." This is now fixed.

05 February

  • Fix the customer search field and button
    • Somewhere along the way the search box had shrunk, now fixed.
  • Stop keyboard interfering with the appointment modal in landscape
    • On tablets in landscape mode when the onscreen keyboard appeared it could muck up the appointment modal, now sorted.