Today's update includes the ability to edit cashed up invoices, retaining date ranges when switching reports, and a few bug fixes.

Editing cashed up invoices, report date ranges and more!

New Features & Enhancements

  • As part of the Cash up feature, we removed the ability to edit invoices, with the view that this would compromise the integrity of a cash up. We received feedback that this was still a necessary function, and so we have brought editing back to invoices that have been cashed up. There are a few small restrictions - you won't be able to edit an invoice to reduce the total amount down to less than the total of any payments that have been applied to the invoice, and payments are not able to be deleted from invoices if they have been counted in a cash up.
  • We've made a few tweaks to the Void function for gift vouchers and credits - if the associated invoice has been included in a cash up, the voucher or credit cannot be deleted.
  • Reports will now retain their date selections when switching between reports, woohoo!

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed up a bug around Customer statements not handling credits and date ranges correctly.