We're on the home straight to Christmas! Here's everything we've added to Timely in December.

December 2020 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

1 December

  • Xero integration enhancements
    • We made some improvements to our Xero integration, mainly around the syncing of invoices and payments. In the event of Xero authorisation expiring, we will now sync any missed invoices and payments when the connection is restored.
  • Cancellation policy customisation
    • We have added a functionality for customers using online bookings to hide their default cancellation policy from their cancellation terms if they have additional cancellation terms.

2 December

  • Automated Consult
    • Select a form to go out to your clients based on the service that they've booked.
    • Get service-specific information from your client.
    • Available on our Innovate package.

7 December

  • New Deposits report
    • We've released a brand new Deposits report, which shows you a list of your appointments for a given date range, and wheat deposits have been paid against those appointments.
  • See more detail behind the Sales report
    • When running the Sales report, you can now click on some total values to 'drill down' and get further detail. You'll be able to see what invoices make up that figure.
  • Update to Customer package details report
    • We've added a new 'Outstanding value' column to the Customer package details report. This gives you an idea of the outstanding liability for your packages.
  • Clarification of report settings
    • Many folks were getting confused about what reports the report settings applied to. We've made some tweaks to make this clearer, so you will now only see the Report settings cog icon on reports that the settings apply to.

8 December

  • TimelyPay in Europe Updates
    • As a follow-on to our TimelyPay in Europe release, we have added the European country list to the description as a tool tip on Elevate plans and hidden other payment gateways, except for TimelyPay and Paypal, for new European businesses, so we can ensure that they only sign up to gateways that are SCA-compliant. Please note that existing European businesses on these gateways will be unaffected.

10 December

  • Online waitlists - clients can add themselves to your waitlist online
    • If your client can't find a date and time that works for them, they can choose to add themselves to your waitlist
    • You can switch this on and off as it suits you and your business
    • Available on our Elevate and Innovate packages

14 December

  • Updated wording when Pay Later option is available
    • We’ve updated the wording on the secure payment page when an account has TimelyPay, card capture, online payment and pay later enabled to Click "Pay" to process your payment via your saved card or click "Pay later" if you wish to pay after your appointment. in order to make what will happen after a client hits “Pay Later” clearer.

Bug Fixes

1 December

  • Embedded booking buttons causing timeout errors with Card Capture
    • Previously, clients of businesses who have embedded booking buttons on their website and card capture activated were getting timeout errors when making a booking on Client Login. This issue is now fixed, and clients of affected businesses should be able to make an online booking without any problems.
  • Wrong Currency Symbol for EU Businesses on the TimelyPay Transaction History Page
    • Previously, TimelyPay businesses who are based in EU were seeing a $ sign on their TimelyPay Transaction History Page.  This is now fixed, so that EU customers can now see their correct currency symbol on the transaction page.
  • Wrong Currency Symbol for Bulgarian Businesses
    • The currency Bulgarian Lev now has a symbol. Before it was showing as ?? in all places in the app, and now it's showing as ЛВ.

8 December

  • Card Capture Setting Should Not Drive Cardless Checkout
    • Previously, the Card Capture setting is apparently driving cardless checkout. This is fixed now, so that even if Card Capture is off, and a client willingly saves their card via Client Login, non-EU TimelyPay businesses will still be able to charge that saved card.

16 December

  • Fixing UI in automated Consult
    • Some buttons were changing size when you saved an automated Consult rule, this has now been fixed.
  • Clients can add themselves to the waitlist online when selecting a service group
    • Previously, when a client selected a service group and added themselves to the waitlist, it was showing an error. This has now been fixed.

21 December

  • Card Capture Setting requiring a `First Name`
    • Previously, if a business has activated their Card Capture setting and wanted a 'billing address' along with the credit card, occasionally, they'd get an error saying "first name" is required. We've fixed this now, so that if this happens, the booking will still compete.
  • Blocked SMS from Puerto Rica
    • We have fixed an issue where SMS's in Puerto Rico were being blocked, so we updated the SMS number we use for them.