Check out all the awesomeness as we close in on Christmas

December 2019 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

4 December

  • Multi-part SMS messages now available for individual messages to your customers - You can now enter up to 459 characters (the equivalent of 3 SMS messages) to your customers via the customer area of your Timely web App

Bug Fixes

4 December

  • Incorrect resource availability in online bookings - We fixed an issue where we would correctly show times available for resource linked bookings, but when you selected a time-slot and hit next we would tell the client that the slot was already booked out even though it wasn't
  • Bug fix for SMS campaign filters including customers it shouldn't - If you immediately check the `Has no future bookings` option when building up a campaign then the date range 'any date' will be applied instead of just the last 12 months like the dropdown says. And customers with future bookings will also be included.
  • SMS campaigns : Appointments with 'yesterday' as a date range was returning zero results - This has now been fixed